Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Wood Queen - Irritating But Habit Forming

The Wood Queen
by Karen Mahoney

ISBN 9780738726625

I just finished reading this before catching some sleep, and I'm so irritated I had to blog this on my phone before I could close my eyes.

There is something of great interest to these books, but Donna's completely ignoramus behavior really spoils it for me. Speaking of spoilers... Did she really think she wouldn't get played? REALLY? And I do not understand her flippant attitude towards Xan. Nav is injected into the book at points but its odd. Now we have Bachelor Number Three with Demian... got to love black roses from your very own demonic king admirer!

The pace was agonizingly slow until last couple chapters. As much as there are things that irritate me with this novel, I still need to know what happens next. Maybe it will be fantastic... Or maybe it will be like watching a train wreck, but I can't seem to help myself from reading on. For my sanity's sake, I hope she writes Donna with more common sense next time and not as a dimwit.