Thursday, December 13, 2012

TOUCHED by Corrine Jackson - put this one on your reading list!

Touched (Sense Thieves #1)



4 Stars

You should definitely put this one on your to-read list! A great read with wonderful flow, Touched had some fantastic plot lines. I really appreciated the realistic take on child abuse, though it was tough to read. There were some striking similarities to a few scenes from the Twilight Series, but in a fan fiction way. The ending left lots of questions that make me very excited for book two. It was a refreshing novel from the standard YA fantasy. Touched was a breath of fresh air in a stale YA room. 

Asher is one of my new favorite characters. But really... it all goes back to Remy. I applaud Corrine in how she managed to realistically capture the horrific emotional and mental trauma that abused children and women suffer. I haven't read a book before that portrays that situation as accurately. 

Well written, thoughtful, emotionally charged and well paced, Touched is a novel that will capture your attention immediately and won't let it go long after you finished the book.

I highly recommend this book but I hesitate to recommend it to anyone under 16 due to the graphic descriptions and emotional content of child abuse. 

Book three will be released in 2013, with the final book in the trilogy in 2014. I for one am SUPER excited to see where this leads!