Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My husband thought I was having a heart attack reading THE MEPHISTO KISS by Trinity Faegan

The Mephisto Kiss (The Mephisto Covenant, #2)
by Trinity Faegan

5 Stars
Published September 25, 2012 by EgmontUSA

The eyes never lie. No one’s eyes are darker than Eryx. Not even the Devil’s.

When Jax and Sasha first see Jordan Ellis, they know she is no ordinary teenager. She’s the daughter of the President after all, but she’s also Anabo – a descendant of Eve.What they don’t know is that Eryx plans to kidnap Jordan and force President Ellis to pledge his soul. If Eryx’s plot succeeds, the consequences would be catastrophic.But the Mephisto brothers do know about Jordan’s secret identity. And for one of them, she could be the match that leads to their soul’s salvation.Now it’s a desperate race against time to save Jordan and prevent Eryx’s haunting eyes from discovering her true identity.A thrilling story of romance, danger, and intrigue, THE MEPHISTO KISS continues the marvelous mythology that began in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT.

Holy 180 Batman! Trinity made me a believer. Wow! I LOVED this second installment in the series. I just finished it a few minutes ago and I had to collect myself  before I could write anything down. My hubby and I were sitting together reading after getting the kids down for the night and I was determined to finish this ASAP. The last couple chapters were RIVETING! I became so unglued at one point my husband looked over at me and asked if I was all right. Actually, he asked several times since I was sobbing, then whispering curses then back to crying then about to throw the book across the room and then crying with joy. He thought I was either having a heart attack or loosing my mind. Then he realized it was just me with a great book and went back to his own reading.

We got the boys in this one... WHOOO HOOO!! Key was fabulous. I am so glad we got to see a good bit of Jax and Sasha, but Trinity was able to seamlessly introduced some new characters. Jordan was incredible. Phoenix blew my mind. I wept so many times for him while reading. Some of the new characters are spoilers so I won't talk about them, but let me just say one will be the star character in the next installment. Which, by the way, I can not find ANY information about. The author's site as well as the publisher's do not have any information or release date. My guess is if a book three will be released this year (2013) it will be in September. And PLEASE GOD let there be a book three. I am DYING here... 

Trinity weaves a much more intricate weave of plot lines in this novel. The twists and turns were much more creative and unexpected. Honestly, it was nail biting and almost wet your pants good. If you were interested in getting to know more about Eryx, you will be extremely happy with this one. The last 100 pages were so good I carried the book around with me everywhere I went... I seriously could not put the thing down. There were a couple of grammatical errors that bothered me. In the first book, her mythology had some holes, a couple of which remained. However, Trinity managed to tighten and polish most aspects of the book to near perfection.

Faith, trust and fears are main philosophical topics in this book. We take a long hard look at what makes a person hold onto their faith, and why some are unable to hold on. I was extremely happy to see that the whole make fun of fat people line was dropped in this one. In book one, the description and treatment of Tim was pissing me off big time. That was not in evidence this go round, thank God.

I am sold. I have bought the farm. I am hooked. I just hope she can produce book three quickly. Like I said before, the whole series of plots for the next book were layer out perfectly. They need to get on the ball and knock that one out soon!