Thursday, January 03, 2013

This series might be the death of me: Ceaseless by Abbi Glines

Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy, #3)
By Abbi Glines

Published September 18,2012
5 stars

Can he make her fall in love with him… again?

When Pagan Moore proved worthy of Death’s devotion, he was given the gift of getting to keep her.

But Dank was never promised that Pagan would keep him.

When a soul is created, so is its mate. In every lifetime those souls find each other. They complete the other’s destiny. It’s time for Pagan’s soul to choose if she truly wants an eternity at Death’s side or if she wants the mate created just for her.

Dank didn’t think he had to worry about her choice. He knew where her heart belonged. Until he realized that every kiss, every touch, every moment of their time together would be washed from her memories. He would have to win her heart all over again and prove to her soul that he was where she belonged.

If only her soul’s mate wasn’t right there standing in his way.


I think I need an oxygen tank because that ride took my breath away. Wow! I wish the first two books had been this well written! With wit sharper than Bobby Flay's kitchen knife, emotional tragedy hitting you like punch to the gut and sexual heat as hot as Death Valley in August, we have the trifecta of perfect ingredients.

Can I say this was sooooo good that I did not ONCE care about Dank or Gee's names!?! If you read my previous reviews on the series you'll know why this is a big deal. Honestly... I was laughing hysterically, crying like a kid missing her own birthday party and blushing like a fire engine. This was everything I was hoping the series could be.. it just stinks because books one and two could have been this pulled together.

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There is a big shift in gears for this last book as three, um, beings attempt to win over Pagan. Don't you wish you had her problems? Leif makes a brief appearance and we finally get to see the jerk that was hiding beneath the surface. Jay is brought to the forefront but I must say he's a disappointment. I was hoping that he would have been more like the version she dated in high school. Maybe that is the beauty of how Glines wrote him in this time around. People change. People grow up, or in Jay's case, regress. Sometimes, what we remember about a person isn't who they really were or maybe we didn't really know them so well to being with.

The only snag I found was the ending was a bit too HEA for me... And I am the Queen of HEA. I don't wan't to give anything away, but the conclusion left the door wide open for another novel, just to see what would happen down the road. I'll just leave it at that.

Gee was by far my favorite character. I warn you now: don't eat or drink while actually reading this as I founded out the hard way. She had me chocking and snarfing every time I read her one liners.

The physical aspects for all the characters went into warp drive, so I don't recommend this to kids under 17. It was explicit in a few scenes.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the final installment in this series and sorry to part ways now that it had coalesced. You definitely want to put this on your to read list.