Tuesday, February 19, 2013

REVIEW: TWIST OF FATE by Kelly Mooney - Gave Me a Stomachache!

Twist of Fate
by Kelly Mooney

Ebook Published February 1, 2013
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(Technically  2.8, rounded to 3 - For grammatical errors as much as for plot)

Ben Hart doesn’t do love. He’d been there, done that. The two times he’d chanced it, they’d both broken his heart. He has everything a Junior studying at The University of Arizona could want; a great fraternity house to live in, his best friend as a roommate, and more girls then he knows what to do with. Life is good. Even perfect at times, until the one girl from his past, walks back into this life, changing everything.

Paige Pearce has one goal - to get as far away from her old college as possible, desperate to forget the one night that should never have happened. Attending school with her older cousin Tommy 3,000 miles away, seems like the safest place to begin a new life. However she doesn’t bank on being drawn to the one boy she left behind years ago, and who just might be able to help save her, if she’ll let him.

This is a new adult book. Intended for audiences 17+
I'm riding the fence on this one. There were so many typos and grammatical errors that its was difficult to read. The sexual situations were also tough to read because they were so brutal and harsh. But the underlying storyline was worth reading and the characters were engaging.

One wish I had was that they were more open with each other. So many problems and heartbreaks could have been avoided. But that's life isn't? I bet if we sat back and looked over our lives like a person reading a book we'd say the same about ourselves. Maybe why it's so frustrating... because it is so realistic. 

I personally thought that Ben was incredibly stupid and flat for most of the book. It wasn't until the last third that he started to grow up. Watching him make the same mistakes over and over and over.... it was boring and irritating. I almost felt like Mooney was glorifying crazy behavior. Having gone to college myself, I know most students did not live that kind of lifestyle. Even the Greek houses. It seemed over the top. When Ben did start growing a brain, he becoming endearing and lovable. Why did we have to wait so long for that to happen?

Paige did not seem like your typical victim and I had real issues with how Mooney portrayed her. If you were raped, you would not act like a tennis ball during a match at Wimbledon. One minute she was timid and reclusive and the next she was dragging strangers to her room in a skimpy dress. It just seemed like she was having an identity crises instead of dealing with rape and physical abuse. Also, if she was trying to stay under the radar she was doing a poor job. Especially if she was trying to protect her loved ones.

There was some real genius to the underlying plot, but I wish it had been polished some more. Scene after vomit inducing scene of Ben humping random girls did not help the plot. We get it. Move on. Are you writing a NA book or an adult erotica?

The pace was constipated for most of the book. It mainly consisted of boy denying his feelings by going animal-mating-season on every chick on campus while the girl lives in fantasy-denial-let's-just-be-friends-but-jealous-as-heck land. It was a study on immature, juvenile, dense, simpleminded, imbecile and obtuse behavior. 

The ending was too simplistic and hasty. It was a blip on the book radar and I wish Mooney had spent more time cultivating the relationship and the conclusion than on Greek house hook ups.

If Mooney had molded the book a bit more and developed the characters further along in the book, she would have had a major winner. I cautiously recommend this book but it is NOT for under 18 years of age.