Monday, March 18, 2013

City of Bones Chapter 1 Summary out Tuesday.. my snow day apology

I wanted to send out apologies. This kids had a snow day from school and so I had three kids trapped in the house and upset because since I am still in my medical boot and crutches I couldn't get them outside. 

So imagine hobbling after a two year old while the seven year old is hiding in a cubby with his DS and his oldest sister is trying to finish a school project but getting whinny because she has to help corral her baby brother before he climbs the china hutch.. again. And use marker on the walls... again. And throw legos at the middle brother who came out of hiding for a snack... again. 

I will have the Chapter 1 summary of City of Bones for you Tuesday. Hopefully all the snow will have melted and my sanity returned. ;)