Monday, March 25, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


Secrets and Lies

• Clary is attempting to work on one of her drawings and is having trouble. In her words, "And his arm looked like an eggplant."

• Clary feels down about herself, wishing she was more like her mother, Jocelyn Fray. Her mom is a wonderful artist in various mediums and never seems to have problems with creativity.

• She runs to pick up the phone only to find Simon on the other end playing a joke on her. He pretends to be one of the "knife-carrying hooligans" at the club and was apologizing for making a bad impression, wishing to make it up to her.

• They chat about the previous night, how Jocelyn was very upset they were late and how she and Clary argued. Simon announces he is at Eric's house where his band just wrapped up practice. 

• Simon tells Clary that Eric (the lead singer) is doing a poetry reading at Java Jones (coffee shop) that night and since the band's going to show support if she would want to join them. 

• He's having a hard time hearing her over the noise of the band. Clary is worried about going because she doesn't want to anger her mom just to go listen to Eric's lousy poetry.

• There is a bit of back story information about Eric and Simon. They were next door neighbors who grew up together. They weren't as close as Simon and Clary but they started a rock band together sophomore year with their friends Matt and Kirk. The band practices faithfully in Eric's parents' garage every week.

• Simon is begging her, reminding her it is right around the corner and that it isn't an orgy invite, even her mom could come. The band hears the word orgy and that sends them into a frenzy of excitement.

• Clary and Simon make plans to meet up to go and hang up.

• Clary glances around her apartment and notices the evidence all of her mother's artistic tendencies around the house. The handmade velvet throw pillows, walls hung with her paintings all carefully framed. She sees the framed photo of Clary's father on the fireplace mantel. He's decorated solider in military dress, eyes with laugh lines. His name is Jonathan Clark and we find out he crashed his car into a tree outside Albany (NY) and died before Clary was born.

• Jocelyn went back to her maiden name and never talked about Clary's dad, but kept the box carved with his initials, J.C. next to her bed. She had his medals, a couple of photos, a wedding ring, and a single lock of blond hair. Sometimes Jocelyn would open the box and hold the hair very gently in her hands before putting it back and carefully locking it back up again.

• Clary jolts when she hears the lock on the front door and hurries to look like she's reading on the couch, which is considered a sacred pastime so she wouldn't be interrupted... aka.. yelled at... by her mom.

• Luke enters, arms full of cardboard boxes, smiling at her. She use to call him "uncle" but he said that now made him feel old and he was only a family friend. They banter about the age of the building and lack of elevator.

• He avoids Clary's question about the boxes. She then asks him what would he do if he saw something nobody else could see. The tape gun fell out of Luke's hand and he asked if it was about being witness to a crime.

• Clary clarified that it was something invisible to everyone else around that person. Luke was not wanting to answer her and Clary said she knew it sounded crazy. Luke told her that like her mother, as artists they see the world in ways others don't and that its a gift to see beautiful things.

• Clary remembered to herself the gore in the storage room and thought it was horrifying not beautiful. She asked if her dad was an artist and that shocked Luke. Jocelyn entered and we get a description of her. Slim, compact, darker hair than Clary and twice as long and casual artist clothes.

• Again Clary bemoaned the fact that her mother was gorgeous, graceful, slender and tall while she was five feet tall with carrot hair, tripping on her feet, cute and had a face full of freckles. A Raggedy Ann to her Mom's Barbie doll.

• The tension in the room exploded when Jocelyn announced they were going on vacation to the farmhouse for the rest of the summer. Clary is mad and reminds her mom that she still has art group meetings and ten more classes at Tisch and she and Simon were going to throw a party. They get into a huge argument. Luke says he's gonna leave.

• When Jocelyn catches up to him, they talk softly and Clary catches the word Bane, along with the fact that her mom has been calling him repeatedly over the past three weeks and he's in Tanzania. And that she doesn't know what to do. Luke tells her she can't keep going to him forever. Jocelyn says "But Clary" to which Luke says she isn't Jonathan and that she's never been the same since it happened but she isn't HIM.
She'd worried about if she left Clary there without her but is convinced she wouldn't stay at home. Luke gets mad saying of course not, she's a teenager not a pet. Luke tries to convince Jocelyn to just talk to Clary.

• Everyone jumps when the door opens, but it's just Simon. Luke leaves in a huff. Uncertain, Simon is about to leave when a venomous Clary tells her mom off and leaves.
Simon tries to be nice to her mom to which Clary tells him to shut up.

• Clary drags Simon downstairs to go through their Park Slope neighborhood to the coffee shop. We get a description of the neighborhood and the house she lives in. We learn the downstairs tenant is an elderly woman who ran a psychic shop but hardly ever came out of it. And not of people came in. There was a gold plaque to the door proclaiming her to be MADAME DOROTHEA, SEERESS AND PROPHETESS.

• Before they leave the building, they pass Dorothea's and notice she has business. They make a couple quips about it but stop talking when a man stepped out. Tall, with maple-syrup-colored skin, gold-green eyes like a cat's and tangled black hair. He grinned at her with blindingly white sharp teeth. Clary suddenly gets dizzy and faint.

• Simon is concerned for her and says she looks like she saw a ghost. She felt a memory tugging at her but said she thought she saw a cat and made excuses such as she hadn't eaten.

• The go to the local Mexican joint called Nacho Mama. They bemoan their moms and the wreck of their summer due to the trip while eating. Simon has a veggie burrito since he's vegetarian. Clary wonders if she really knows her mother. She never talks about her early life, family, how she met Clary's dad or have wedding photos. It's like her life started with Clary's birth. Her mom even says that.

• Clary thinks its weird. She doesn't know her grandparents on either side. They debate why that is.

• Simon mentions all the little scars all over Jocelyn's back and arms when he saw her in a swim suit and she says she's never seen them.

• Clary's mom keeps calling her and she lets it go to voice mail, still mad. She decides to go to the poetry reading after all and that she'll talk to her mom later.

• They get up to leave and her messenger bag strap slides down her arm. Simon pushes it back up and his finder linger at her bare skin on her shoulder.

• It's humid outside, Clary's hair is frizzing and Simon's shirt is sticking to his back.

• They talk about how the band is doing and how they think they may have a gig. Also how they may have a name. The band never actually produces any music, but sit around the living room fighting about potential names and logos. 

• The current name considerations are "Sea Vegetable Conspiracy" and "Rock Solid Panda." Eric had suggested "Lawn Chair Crisis."

• They banter the rest of the way, discussing Eric' love life when Clary passes by a couple pushing a stroller. A tiny girl with yellow plastic hair clips clutching a pixie doll with gold-streaked sapphire wings that she swore fluttered.

• Simon bemoans that he is the only one without a girlfriend in the band. Clary starts naming options for him. They banter back and forth. 

• Her mom calls again and Clary feels guilty. Simon looks concerned. She reminds herself he will be lonely without her so they go on in to spend this time together before she leaves.

       "Eric is a sexist pig," Clary said, suddenly not wanting to know which girl in school Simon thought had the most rockin' bod. "Maybe you should call the band The Sexist Pigs,"
       "It has a ring to it." Simon seemed unfazed.