Monday, April 08, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


CHAPTER 4: Ravener 

• Clary is running home as fast as she can through the super muggy and hot weather.
She tried calling home but realized Jace hadn't been lying, it really wasn't a phone.
The Sensor had bizarre symbols on the buttons and no screen.

• She saw the lights were on and thought everything was ok but when she got to the foyer the light was out and it was really creepy.

• Madame Dorothea scared her by asking her what she was doing. She said her mother had been making a ton of noise up in the apartment, like moving furniture. She ragged on Luke about not fixing the light in the stairwell and other honey-do list items.

• Clary found her door hanging open and found every light on, her mom's keys and handbag by the door and no reply when she called out.

• She then saw the apartment had been ransacked... cushions ripped, shelves tipped over and every painting cut out of their frames. She is in full terror mode now. She noticed it was weird.. robbers would take tvs, stereos etc but all that was there.

• She hears something that freaks her out. A slithering noise. A long, scaled creature with lots of eyes, legs and tail tried to attack her.

• She scrambles around the apartment, but it jumped and hung from the wall.The jaw opened and she could see fanged teeth, green drool and a black tongue. It hissed out, "Girl. Flesh. Blood. To eat, oh, to eat."

• She threw a photo of her and her mom and it bounced off the creature. It talked about eating her bones, marrow and veins. Corned, she took the Sensor out pocket and saw it was vibrating and hot. 

• It attacked and she was pinned under it. It talked about not being allowed to eat. But then said Valentine would never know and said nothing about a girl. That he wouldn't be angry about him eating her.

• She managed to shove the sensor in its mouth and the acidic drool covered her. It ate the Sensor and started bleeding. Clary made a run for the door.

• Clary was it by something and passed out.

• She wakes up to noise, stabbing light and gagged. Clary was outside and it was nighttime. Jace was with her and she noticed silver cuffs on his wrists. He was tending to her. She was in excuiating pain but saw a police car with the sirens wailing with two officers.

• She moved and Jace rebuked her. He said it was a Ravener demon that stung her in the back of her neck and he had to get her to the Institute.

• Clary was freaked out by the thing talking. Jace reminded she had met a demon before and that was an Eidolon demon. A shape-changer. He was impressed she killed it.

• Clary wants to go to the police but he tries to stop her, telling her they are really demons covering their tracks.

• Jace is very concerned she'll die in an hour and as she stands, Clary sees the police officer was fleshless. They plan an escape route but she coughs blood. 

• Jace marks her wrist with his stele in order to hide her. Her legs gave out and her carried her. She passed out to him talking about the Covenant and watching the night stars twirl.

   She twisted, trying to work her hand free."Valentine will never know. He said nothing about a girl. Valentine will not be angry." Its lipless mouth twitched as its jaws opened, slowly, a wave of stinking breath hot in her face.

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