Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare



• Clary enters the weapons room to find metal walls with every kind of sword, staff, pike, arrows, training clothing.. you name it.. it's on those walls. 

• Alec and Jace were in the room bent over three "seraph blades" that were dull and glowing. Jace explains away Clary's ideas about magic. She tells him Hodge said she could go home to get some things. Alec is upset that Jace doesn't want him to go along. 

• They get in the elevator to leave and Clary asks Jace how he knew she had Shadowhunter blood. He told her he guessed, that he was 90% sure. She slapped him across the face so hard he lost his balance. He asked her "what the hell was that for" to which she replied, "the other ten percent."

• They rode the train to her apartment is silence until Clary noticed others could see Jace. He explained that he was "stunningly attractive" and that glamours were hard to use and he didn't need it there. He annoyed her with humming and they banter heavily.

• Jace explains what parabatai are... a pair of warriors who fight together and are closer than brothers. He also gives a brief explanation of his past.

• Clary was surprised the building looked the same on the outside. Jace used his Sensor to check for demons. She saw signs of conflict inside and Jace took the lead.

• She had trouble opening the door but when they went in, the living room and kitchen were bare. She asked, "what would demons want with our microwave?"

• She insisted on seeing her room, and noticed the door knob was ice cold and seemed to be stuck. Then the door blew outward and she skidded down the hall. Jace was surprised to find a huge man with a bladed axe. He was gross and rotting. 

• Jace called to his blade which was clear as glass and then fought the man. Jace then grabbed Clary and tried to get out of the building. More fighting, and Jace was enjoying himself to the point of laughter.


• Jace was injured in the attack and Clary helped him to used another blade to finish the man. He then used what looked like a wand (called a stele) to draw healing runes (called an iratze) on himself.

• He explained the thing he fought was an ordinary human who had powerful Marks all over him. The overwhelming pain drives them insane... and become fierce, mindless killers. They are called Forsaken. They are loyal to the one who Marked them and can only obey simple commands.

• Madame Dorothea came out and said there were more. Jace was shocked at her. Madame got snarky with him. They got in an argument. Clary asks about her mother and Dorthea tells her to forget her, that she is gone. Alive... for now.

• Clary insists on finding her. So Dorothea brings them in but warns them if they say anything about her, they will wake up with extra arms or snake hair. She also knew Jace's name.

• They walk in to sit down to talk with Dorothea.

   "But you're a mundane," Jace said, finally finishing his sentence.
   "So observant," said Dorthea, her eyes gleaming. "The Clave really broke the mold with you."
   "But if you tell anyone I helped you, Shadowhunter, you'll wake up tomorrow with snakes for hair and an extra pair of arms."
   "That might be nice, an extra pair of arms," Jace said. "Handy in a fight."
   "Not if they're growing out your..." Dorothea paused and smiled at him, not without malice. "Neck."

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