Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Here's a sneak peek at CENTAUR RIVALRY, which will be available MAY 1st on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords!


(Camille, Deserted Motel in South Dakota)

Bianca’s eyes were huge as she stood frozen in the door frame.  Her shrill voice could have shattered a vase if the cheap motel had one, “What the hell?!”

Gage took a step inside the doorway; his was a wordless reaction as he grabbed Bianca and yanked her behind him.  They had just arrived in our remote hideaway in South Dakota, and from their reaction to seeing Drake, both had been unaware that he was no longer in human form.  I wanted to shout, “Surprise,” but no one would have appreciated the humor – especially Drake.

I eased myself in front of Drake, plastered a smile on my face, and made my expression as welcoming as possible.  Though my voice was unsteady, I tried to at least control the tempo, so it wouldn’t be too fast or too slow.  “So, how was your trip?”

Gage’s eyes glanced my way, but quickly returned to the towering Centaur standing behind me.  Drake stood a little over seven feet tall, his bare chest was exposed – every muscle rigid.  At his waist, the body of a brown horse now stood where his legs should have been.  He was an imposing sight, and neither Bianca nor Gage had been prepared to see him like this.  Both were too stunned to speak for an uncomfortable minute. 

Drake’s eyes went to the floor.  He’d expected this reaction and told me we should have warned them ahead of time.  Drake and Gage had been close friends growing up.  If anyone would blindly accept his transformation, Drake hoped it would be Gage.  Their reaction to seeing him as a true Centaur wounded him – he didn’t need to say it out loud.  I felt his pain. 

Bianca peeked around Gage’s tall shoulders.  I’d missed her.  Bianca reminded me of a living, breathing Barbie-doll.  Her long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and easy smile drew people to her.  A quick flash of a memory sped through my mind. 

She and I had been outside William’s house shortly after I learned I was a Centauride.  I was still learning about Centauride powers, and Bianca took it upon herself to teach me how to hide my thoughts from others.  A smile emerged at the memory.  The thoughts she was helping me to hide at the time were of Drake – her betrothed.

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