Monday, April 15, 2013

WEEKLY CH REVIEW: Ch 5: Clave and Covenant - CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare



• We start the chapter with a dialogue between someone and Isabelle. They are debating why it has been three days and she hasn't woken up yet. Isabelle thinks Mundies die really easily. The other person said it's bad luck to talk about death in a sick room.

• Clary is hearing the conversation but is mostly unconscious. She tried to wake up but she was stuck in a river of dreams that tossed her around. She saw her mother in a hospital bed with eyes like bruises. Clary also saw Luke standing onto a pile of bones. Jace, Isabelle, Simon and a host of angels all had very bizarre but telling parts to her dream as well.

• We cut back to another discussion while Alec and we're guessing Isabelle are sitting next to Clary. They recognize her from the club, are shocked that such a little thing could kill a demon, are hoping Hodge won't call on the Brothers, debate the horrors of self mutilating, wonder where Jace is and what he cares about. They are suddenly interrupted when she moved.

• Clary drags her heavy eyelids open to see clear blue sky and clouds with chubby angels above her and wonders if she's dead. She blinks and finds its a mural, sits up and reviews her surroundings. 

• Isabelle gets her attention saying they thought she'd die in her sleep. Clary said she was sorry to disappoint. 

• Clary confirms her location when suddenly she has terrible stomach pains. Isabelle gives her a cup of liquid that Hodge prescribed. Isabelle introduces herself as Isabelle Lightwood.

• They discuss how she got there and what had happened. Clary gets cleaned up and they tell her Jace burned her clothes since they had demon blood and poison all over them.
They get to have some "girl talk" about Jace, his virtues and situation.


• Isabelle explains Jace lives there too because his mother died at his birth and he saw his father murdered when he was ten. Isabelle cuts off more of Clary's questions by telling her she smells and to clean up.

• Clary looks ridiculous swimming in Isabelle's borrowed clothes. She laments her lack of a chest. She inspects herself and her injuries in the bathroom while cleaning up.

• She looks down the infirmary corridor and notices the glass blown lamps and smelly air. She hears a faint noise and walks in that direction. Turns out to be Jace playing the piano. She watches his hands on the keys. Clary starts remenissing about those same hands holding her while they escaped. Jace heard her but thought she was Alec and called for him.

• He asked who kissed her awake since she was Sleeping Beauty. She said she woke up on her own. He's bothered she never does what she's told.. which was to stay they till they got her. He comments on how bad the clothes look on her. They banter.

• There's a discription of the Institute. Clary notices repeating motifs: angels and swords, suns and roses.

•  They discuss why it has so many bedrooms and what the place is used for. Jace explained Alec, Isabelle, Max, their parents, Hodge and he live there. Alec is Isabelle's youngest brother and Max is the youngest. He explains their parents job. The place is sort of an embassy of sorts.

• The home country is called Idris. Jace explains it is hidden and not on any map. It is inbetween Germany and France. He grew up there. Jace explains demons are everywhere so Shadowhunters are everywhere to fight them but Idris is home.

• They reach the library and she meets Church, a blue Persian cat with yellow eyes. Clary is shocked to realize Alec, Isabelle and Max are is only company. He says they are everything he needs.

• There's a discription of the library. We meet Hodge Starkweather, a thin man with gray-streaked hair and a beaky noise. He immediately spies her love of books. It was the one thing Jace didn't share with the others but Jace defends himself saying their time together has been short.

• A raven named Hugo flies down onto Hodge's shoulder. Hodge raves about her killing the demon. They talk about the Sensor... and how its ruined. She spies Alec stretched out by the fireplace. He questions Clary's honesty.

• She was shocked first by how close he and Isabelle resembled each other. Jet black hair, slender eyebrows, pale and high-colored skin, dark lashes. Isabelle had black eyes and his were bottle glass dark blue. She saw arrogance and hostility in his face. 

• Alec thinks there is no way she killed the demon. Clary explains she'll be 16 years old on Sunday... the same age as Isabelle.

• Alec puts down everything about her and Clary gives him a tongue lashing, astonishing Alec and making Jace laugh.

• Alec and Jace argue. Alec is convinced she is a Mundie and shouldn't be there. No Mundie has been there for over 100 years. He's worried it could get back to the Clave and they'd get in trouble.

• The discuss the demon and the possible causes for the attack. Clary's mother was a main topic. They discuss Madame Dorothea. Hodge says that they must notify the Clave but Jace protests.

• Jace announces she is not a mundane. He gulps before explaining how drastic the situation that night was and how in order to get her out of there he put a mendelin rune on her arm. Hodge is furious! The Law is very specific about that. She showed them her arm, where the faint lines could still be seen. Hodge is still furious. If she had been a Mundie, it would have turned her into a Forsaken or be killed.

• Jace spells it out: Clary is a Shadowhunter. She is frightened by what that could mean. They argue about if its possible and if her mother hid it from her. She remembers Luke and asks to call him. She does and they talk. He will not allow her to his place. He says he doesn't want to get mixed into it and that he's not her father. She desperately wants to go to him, explaining these people are strangers. He says not to call her for favors and hangs up. She dials again and it goes to voice mail. Jace is concerned for her.

• Hodge tells the boys to leave, Jace not wanting to, so he can comfort Clary. They talk about her growing up experience. Then they talked about the attack and she mentioned the demon said something about Valentine. Hodge jumped and they talked about Valentine and the backstory that goes along with him. They talk about several subjects.

• Clary asks to go home to get some things and just see what's left. He says to have Jace escort her so she starts off in search of the Weapons Room.

• Hodge writes a letter and has Hugo take it. He remembers bitter memories and then starts writing another letter. He notices the red ink looks like blood.

   Alec looked astonished. "What did you call me?"
   Jace laughed. "She has a point, Alec," Jace said. "It's those bridge-and-tunnel demons you really have to watch out for-"
   "It's not funny, Jace," Alec interrupted, starting to his feet. "Are you just going to let her stand there and call me names?"
   "Yes," Jace said kindly. "It'll do you good-try to think of it as endurance training."
    "We may be parabatai," Alec said tightly. "But you flippancy is wearing on my patience."
    "And your obstinancy is wearing on mine."

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