Monday, April 29, 2013

WEEKLY CHAPTER READ: CH 7 The Five-Demensional Door from CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare



• Jace and Clary walk into Madame Dorothea's apartment, which is laid out the same as Clary's. It smells like incense and has beaded curtains, books and astrological posters.

• Dorothea says her mother could see people's future by reading tea leaves. She offers them tea. Jace insists no Earl Grey. 

• Clary and Jace banter about vocabulary. He explains they had to learn about medicinal uses for plants. That leads to more bantering.

• He calls her Fray and it upsets her, because that's what Simon calls her.

• He turns back and grumbles about the books. They argue over if what he does is magic or not and what kind of training he has gone through.

• They sit down for tea in the parlor. Jace makes a snarky comment that Dorothea schools him on. There is a description of the room, including the armchairs, tarot card and crystal ball.

• They eat little cucumber sandwiches and drink tea. Of course Jace hates cucumber. He says he hates liars too.

• Dorothea explains she wasn't a witch but her mother was. But that couldn't be cried Jace because witches and warlocks are half demon and infertile. That vampires and werewolves are brought on by diseases by demons from their home dimensions. Faeries are suppose to be fallen angels or another type of demon/angel offspring. 

• She goes on to say she was adopted so that there would be someone to guard her place after she (the mother) was gone. She doesn't have powers but watches and guards. Then she picks up Clary's finished tea to read the leaves. She said the reading was confusing.

• She then looks at Jace's cup. That reads of violence in his future, a great deal of blood shed by him and others. That he will fall in love with the wrong person and that he has an enemy.


• Clary's in jumbled and seem meaningless. She thinks there is a block in her mind. A spell to conceal a memory and block her Sight.

•  They argue over that. Dorothea tries her tarot cards. She picked the Ace of Cups. The love card. It was a very beautiful card and the artwork looked familiar. Her mother painted it, and the whole pack as a gift to Dorothea. In exchange, Dorothea kept an ear out for a name in the Downworld gossip.

• Clary asks if its a good card, and Dorothea says there are many evil things people do for love. Clary asks what name, which turns out to be Valentine. Dorothea explained that Jocelyn was a Shadowhunter, one of the Clave.

• Clary was shocked. Dorothea looked kindly at her explaining they lived specifically where they did because it was a Sanctuary. Dorothea's mother was a Control. Downworlders can hide there. It's a door... a portal. Actually a five-dimensional door that is an escape hatch. Her mother wanted to live next to it so if she needed to flee they could use it.

• Jace and she argue about The Law and loyalty. 

• Clary realizes that her mother could have used the portal that night but stayed because Clary wasn't home. 

• Clary decides she wants to see where her mother would have gone, and races to the portal and flings herself into it. Jaces races after her. She is now tumbling through empty space.

    "What if I get the tattoos?" Clary asked. "Could I use them then?"
    "No," Jace said crossly. "The Marks are only part of it. There are tests, ordeals, levels of training- look, just forget it, okay? Stay away from my blades. In fact, don't touch any of my weapon without my permission."
   "Well, there goes my plan for selling them all on eBay," Clary muttered.
   "Selling them on what?"
   Clary smiled blandly at him. "A mythical place of great magical power."
   Jace looked confused, then shrugged.
    "I'll just leave my hat with the footman," said Jace.
     Madame Dorothea shot him a dark look. "If you were half as funny as you thought you were, my boy, you'd be twice as funny as you are."

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