Monday, May 06, 2013


by Nancy Straight

Expected Publication Date: May 15, 2013 by Nancy Straight
GENRES: NA (New Adult) • Paranormal • Action • Political Intrigue • Romance • Centaurs • Greek Mythology • Fantasy

*NOTE: Rating based on Advanced Reader Copy

3.4 Technically rounded to 3 (currently)  

4.4 If grammatical and accent issues cleared up

The Centaur world is rocked as news spreads of the Lost Herd, Camille's existence, and her Centaur protector. A death order against Camille's father and family sends all into hiding. 

Camille and Drake leave the country pursued by the Lost Herd as well as by Centaur Council enforcers. Camille's twin brother Cameron is manipulated by the Council Head and is quickly becoming her newest enemy.

Amid unexpected new protectors, enemies, and romances, Camille and Drake make their plans to travel to Africa to confront the Centaur Council. They hope acceptance of Camille as Chiron's heir, yet knowing that her link to the Lost Herd could require them to kill or to be killed.


You all know how much I love Nancy Straight and this series right? It does pain me to rate this a three. I almost eeked out a four for her but I have to be true to my rating system. There were just too many grammatical errors to justify a four. One major issue I had was a new character's accent. There were so many inconsistencies that hindered my reading. Still... I felt like I should be wearing the cone of shame.

Don't get me wrong. There was plenty of action, drama and suspense. There were a couple scenes that had me screaming like a wild pig...

Of course, we can't forget Drake. Sigh. Yum. Yes... I am in full FAN GIRL mode at the moment. I can't help it. The guy deliberately stays a full Centaur to protect her, forfeiting any kind of physical relationship. That is character right there.

Unfortunately, I thought this needed another run through with an editor. The dialogue was a bit unrefined. It didn't feel organic. More importantly, the transitions were somewhat choppy. It made me feel like I was being bounced around.

The main issues I had with the book were the grammatical errors, misspellings and accent inconsistencies. The character in question would use "ta" for "to", "talk'n" ...  a basic drawl accent, but Straight would revert back to a regular intonation in the next phrase. 
It made it hard to know who was speaking. I noticed another new character who grew up in the very same town had no drawl accent. Shouldn't they have the same accent if they grew up together in a very small town?

The grammatical errors included name spelling. One character's name is Katherine spelled with a "K". Throughout the book I found it also spelled with a "C". Little things like that hindered my ability to concentrate on the story.

Since I am in full honesty mode here, I will say my last concern. The romance/relationship between Camille and Drake. I thought the opportunities where they had a chance for romance were too tame or ignored. I don't want to give away spoilers, but there was a section of the book later on that was surprisingly missing. I felt it should of had WAY more attention given. I'm not talking erotica.. I'm talking about more "air time"... more dialogue, more character reflection on what was now happening. Argh! I don't want to give it away but I can't say more without spoiling it. Let's just say I thought what should have been a momentous occasion was somewhat tame.

Camille really finds herself in this book. She is tough, fierce and in charge. I thought by the end of the book she could probably take on an entire army by herself. But it's more than that. Camille learned how to let go of dear aspects of her life and to face a new future with determination and grace. That is becoming a true woman.

Nancy, I know you're reading this. I LOVE YOU and your work! I just think one more pass through on this and you'll be cooking was gas. Hence, my altered rating up top. If any of you like action, romance, Greek mythology and political intrigue, this series will float your boat! It is one of my favorites. Straight has such an original plot line! All based on Centaurs. NO ONE does that. That reason alone should make you put it on your to-read list. So pick up a copy of book one (BLOOD DEBT) and ENJOY!

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