Thursday, May 02, 2013

NEWS! Author Anna Banks is giving away bonus content with any pre-order of OF TRITON

Here's some news directly from Anna Banks herself:

There are many reasons you should pre-order the hardcover of OF TRITON (unless you never need to know what happens after that horrible cliffhanger in OF POSEIDON, but whatevs, right?). But now the shiz just got real.

Because there is EXCLUSIVE bonus content you'll get if you do pre-order OF TRITON or purchase it between the dates of May 28th through June 2nd 2013.

1.) You'll get the first chapter of OF TRITON right-freaking-now. It will not be available anywhere else until the date of release. You know you want to read it. And yes, you will love-hate me when you do.

2.) You'll get a bonus scene from OF POSEIDON, told by Toraf's point of view. (Remember that part where Toraf does something to Emma on the beach in front of the twins? Well this is the scene right AFTER that scene, with all the feels Toraf has about it.! Insert squeal here.) This will also not be available anywhere else. (Hence, it's EXCLUSIVE).

So, to get all this fantabulous content, you must email me proof of your pre-order, which could be a picture, scan, or email confirmation of your purchase receipt.

Send the email to

She'll respond with a PDF designed especially for this content. It's purdy. And the words are good, too. :)
You can find links to pre-order the book below: