Thursday, May 02, 2013

NEWS! Just got back from Wendy Higgins Book Signing!

I am in complete FAN GIRL mode right now! I just got home from hanging out at the event and I met some of the BEST people! It felt like coming home to the mother ship. Honestly... I think it was more therapeutic for me than a day at the spa. Really. Not that I wouldn't take a day at the spa if someone (cough.. hubby... cough) wanted to gift one. Sorry... tangent. Anyway, there were GREAT gifts and awesome people. Wendy was so gracious and I got to pick her brain. WOW. **getting goosebumps, waving Wendy's #1 fan finger wildly** 

If you can ever get to an author's event, I really encourage you to do so. It is such an amazing experience to meet them and ask questions. They all say it is such a booster shot in the arm of encouragement for them as well. You meet the coolest people, like I did tonight! Honestly, it was such a blast and an honor to meet everyone! 

Here are some pictures from the event. I met Kristi and Kristy, fellow bloggers and they are also writers as well. **Bowing before them and their INCREDIBLE books they are working on** One photo is Wendy with all of us bloggers. The last photo is some of the goodies we got. And please.. PLEASE give me a pat on the back for posting my photo for the world to see... I am ALWAYS behind the lens ;)

ENJOY and Happy Reading!