Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WEEKLY CH REVIEW: Chapter 10 (part 2) of CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


PART TWO: Easy Is the Descent

City of Bones

• They meet up with Hodge and find he is not alone. The other man was tall, had on a heavy robe from neck to foot with the hood raised. It hid his face. The robe was parchment colored with runes the color of dried blood on the hem and sleeve. Hello Brother Jeremiah.

• He made no sound as he walked. At all. He smelled sweet and freaked Clary out.

• Suddenly she hears a voice, but it is in her head saying "This is Jocelyn's daughter?"

• Brother Jeremiah said Jocelyn had warlock assistance to disappear from the Clave.

• They discuss why her mother would hide but the reason is obvious. To hide the cup from Valentine because she knew what he would do with it.

• Clary makes a snarky comment about the Clave investing in dental records since they botched this up so badly.

• Jeremiah lifted his hood, and Clary almost cried out. His head was bald, smooth and egg white. There were dark indents where his eyes had once been. His lips were crisscrossed with dark lines that looked like surgical stitches. 

• He told Clary he won't lie to her and will give her the truth, but he wants the same in return.

• Jace is suddenly concerned for her and says she doesn't have to do it. But she agrees.

• Jeremiah doesn't answer when she asks if it will hurt but puts his thin hands on her face. They oozed power.

• They start the retrieval process, and Clary feels like she's being pressed against something hard and her head feels like its being crushed. She gasps, goes cold as ice, but does get a glimpse of an icy street with looming grey buildings and snow hitting her face when Jace yells "That's enough!"


• Hodge and Jace looked anxious. Clary had angry gashes on her hands where her nails had dug in. She was drenched in sweat. 

• Jeremiah said there is a block in her mind that keeps him from accessing her memories. She will have to come to the Bone City and stand before the Brotherhood in order to access them. Someone put a spell on her memories.

• Jace says he will go with her.

• They enter the humid, hot NYC air to wait for their ride. She realizes Simon is not there and is concerned about him.

• They discuss his possible relationship with Isabelle. It makes Clary think about all of Simon's great qualities. Jace interrupts her thoughts with sarcasm.

• A narrow black car with tinted windows takes them to the Bone City, but it is really a carriage with two black horses. They actually rolled over cars. 

• Jace quotes Blake at her. He didn't realize she would recognize the quote. She says everyone knows the quote because of The Doors, which he blanks on.

• They talk about music and Jace's father. He has a ring on that came from his father. He wants to carry out justice and kills the ones who murdered his father.

• Clary starts to notice all the demons on the street. Jace describes how he watched his father get killed. They discuss where vampires, werewolves, warlocks and demons come from and the differences between.

• Jace says there are millions or other worlds.... but only demons can travel between them.

• The Shadowhunter numbers are dwindling. Clary asks if they are "reproducing".. to which Jace bursts out laughing. 

• They arrive at New York City Marble Cemetery. They talk about if there was an option to not be a Shadowhunter but Jace says he would still do it because it's what he's good at.

• Jace wanted to help her down out of the carriage since it was a long drop.

• They come to a statue of an angel and an opening appears in the grass.. looking like an open grave. They enter with Brother Jeremiah. They enter a dark, creepy hallway. She knocks off Jace's attempts to hold her hand.

• There is a description of the Silent City.

• They explain that those who die in battle are burned, their ashes used to make the marble arches. It is a powerful protection against evil.

• They are guided through various areas to a room with the Council. She stepped onto the center black square and then the Brothers made a sound that made her hair stand on end.

• She asked them to wait until she said she was ready as they were already pressing on her mind. She asked that they be careful about it. 

• They start probing her mind by asking questions. She suddenly saw images of her mother, a coffin, a box with J.C., Luke from ages ago, the park, her mom frightened, coming to a door with the words; THE MAGNIFICENT. Two words leaped out at her: MAGNUS BANE. 

• Sudden pain lanced through her right arm. She realized she was lying on the marble floor with her face against the cold floor, her knees pulled to her chest. There are terrible pain in her arm.

• The block was stronger than they thought and the only way to safely undo it is by the one who put it there: MAGNUS BANE. The Council got up and left.

• Jace hurried over to Clary and looked at her arm. She scolds him, saying he's making it hurt worse.

• He explains she bled on the Speaking Stars. He turned her arm over very gently and whistled through his teeth at the sight of her arm.

• They banter. He uses a stele to heal her arm. More sexual banter.

• Brother Jeremiah leads them out of the city. They decide to hail a cab to get back to the Institute.

   "Oh - Simon!"
   "No, I'm Jace," said Jace patiently. "Simon is the weaselly little one with the bad haircut and dismal fashion sense."
   "Oh, shut up," she replied...
   "You want me to hold your hand?"
   Clary put both her hands behind her back like a small child. "Don't talk down to me."
   "Well, I could hardly talk up to you. You're too short." Jace glanced past her...

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