Monday, May 06, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare



• Clary is too surprised to scream as she falls through the portal. She feels sick to her stomach. Suddenly, she starts feeling tree branches and then hits the ground hard.

• Jace then lands on top of her, banging foreheads and getting tangled up. Of course, they start to argue about that. And the fact that he came after her.

• She realizes they landed next to Luke's house. There's a description of the area, his building and Luke's "Garroway Books" sign. There was days worth of mail on the doormat. 

• Clary wonders how they got there, she wasn't thinking of anyplace when she jumped. They decide to investigate and start climbing the back fence.

• When Jace lands in the bushes there is a loud yelp... turns out to be Simon. Clary starts to help Simon get the leaves out of his hair and he angrily brushes her off.

• Simon is mad at her. He has been so worried about her. Last time he saw her, she was running out of Java Jones. No phone calls returned. Home phone disconnected. Luke says she's staying with relatives he KNOWS she doesn't have. He thought he'd pissed her off. Or that she was hooking up with some random dude.

• Jace finds that amusing. Simon goes on to say he saw Luke packed a duffel bag full of weapons, even a sword. Some were glowing. Then he took off.


• Clary tells him the truth about what is going on. Simon clarifies all the main points. 

• Simon thinks the whole thing is awesome. They talk about the finer points of vampires, elves and dragons. They start to go into the house and Jace doesn't want Simon there. 

• Clary tells Simon that Jace saved her life. Then they stumble through the book stacks in the darkened room. Jace finds manacles attaches to the wall. With blood on them. The manacles looked as if someone tried to rip them out of the wall.

• Things were messy, but not torn up. Clary went to the guest bedroom where she kept extra clothes. She stayed there when her mom was out of town. Her bag was there and she changed into her own clothes. 

• The boys found Luke's green duffel bag. Inside, Jace found a chakhram, a Sikh weapon. They are rare and hard to use. Its used by shadowhunters. A cracked frame photo of Clary, Luke and her mother. She cracked it throwing it at the demon. That means Luke was at the apartment at some point. He must have taken the portal so it brought them to his house. 

• They hide when they hear men approaching. Jace uses a rune so they can see what's going on. It is Luke and two other men.... warlocks. One is named Pangborn, the other, Blackwell.

• Jace got rigid at the sight.

• Luke is badly bruised, scraped and bloody. The men talk about some of Luke's collectibles, but cut to the chase. Luke accuses Valentine of sending them. Pangborn said Valentine thought Luke might have changed his mind. He repeated he didn't know anything. 

• They talk about The Uprising. They press him for knowledge and Luke says he doesn't know anything and doesn't know anyone who would. We find out they are looking for the Mortal Cup. It was hidden by Jocelyn. 

• We find out that Valentine has her, that she has not yet regained consciousness, and that Valentine was disappointed as he was looking forward to their "reunion."

• The men tease Luke about his feelings for Jocelyn.. which surprises Clary. Luke brushes their statement off. He never did he claims. He says he won't interfere with Valentine's plans. The men had wondered how Luke had been.. how human he was.

• They ask about a child, a girl. Luke says she ran off. They confirm they are looking for her. Luke said Ravener poison can crumble people to ash. The men said Valentine was suspicious since it was dead. 

• Luke gets really callous about Clary, saying for all he knows she could be dead. She's not much of a danger and doesn't believe in demons. 

• They say they'd trade Jocelyn for The Cup. Luke says he's not interested and doesn't want to get involved. He knows Valentine is a killing machine. They question his duffel contents. Luke says he's going to lay low. The three leave the building.

• Simon is worried about Clary and her shock. Jace is angry. He tells them those two men killed his father. 

   "Not after you decided to leap merrily through that Portal like you were jumping the F train. You're just lucky it didn't dump us out in the East River."
   "You didn't have to come after me."
   "Yes, I did," he said. "You're far too inexperienced to protect yourself in a hostile situation without me."
    "That's sweet. Maybe I'll forgive you."
    "Forgive me? For what?"
    "For telling me to shut up."
    His eyes narrowed. "I did not... Well, I did, but you were-"
    "Never mind." 
    "Get the hell off me, you pretentious asshole," the intruder snarled, shoving at Jace. He struggled halfway into a sitting position, his battered glasses knocked askew.
    Clary stopped dead in her tracks. "Simon?"
    "Oh, God," said Jace, sounding resigned. "And here I'd actually hoped I'd got hold of something interesting."
    "That is so awesome," he said.
    Jace looked as startled as Clary felt. "Awesome?"
    Simon nodded enthusiastically enough to make the dark curls bounce on his forehead. "Totally. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, but real."
    Jace was looking at Simon as if he were some bizarre species of inspect. "It's like what?"

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