Monday, May 13, 2013

WEEKLY CHAPTER REVIEW: CH 9: The Circle And The Brotherhood from CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


The Circle And The Brotherhood

• Clary tries to somehow console Jace after who he saw. He shrugs her off. 

• They quickly left and head for the train. Simon babbles about how the supernatural should travel in his opinion and Jace is "scary-calm". Clary shuts down Simon. They end up at the Institute.

• To Simon, the place looks like a dump. Clary "sees" the real building... the soaring spires of the cathedral... everything. It is beautiful. She explains the glamour to Simon.

• Jace says he's the first mundane ever to enter the Institute. Simon gets snarky. There's a description of the inside.

• Jace steps through the elevator and whistled. Church appeared and he asked him where Alec and Hodge were.

• Simon mentions he doesn't like cats. Jace replied that knowing Church, he wouldn't like him either.

• Simon is wary and Clary asks him to trust her. She said he didn't have to stay with her but they were her best chance of finding her mom. Simon replied that he did have to stay with her. 

• They walk into the kitchen to find Isabelle at the stove making a mess. Ingredients are all over the place. She waves the spoon at them declaring she is making soup. She sees Simon and bugs out. "You brought another mundie here?"

• Jace looks at the cat. "I told you to bring me to Alec! Backstabbing Judas."


• Jace tells her who he saw today. They talk. Simon is busy staring at Isabelle. Jace declares she can't cook and inspects the fridge for a snack. Clary is surprisingly furious that Simon is still staring at Isabelle.

• Clary is upset Jace is wasting time and leaves to find Hodge. Isabelle asks if they're coming back for her soup. Jace says no one wants while Simon says yes. Jace then humiliates Simon saying he just wants to sleep with her. Clary snaps at Jace, who then leaves. Simon decides to stay with Isabelle.

• Clary meets up with Jace and lays into him. They talk. She apologizes for snapping at him. He says he does it too because she is so "unsettling."

• They talk about who cooks in the family and the history of women's roles as Shadowhunters. It's only been recently they've been allowed to be warriors, and they had to fight for it. Isabelle's mom never taught her to cook, she was so afraid she'd be relegated to the kitchens. Clary asks if she's better than Alec. Jace mentions Alec has never killed a demon.

• They meet up with Hodge in the greenhouse and tell him what happened at the apartment and at Luke's. 

• Hodge turns pale and says The Circle is rising again. He shows Clary a book describing the group and their plans. Valentine was the leader. They wanted to kill off Downworlders and caused The Uprising. He talked about the oath of the members and announced he had been in The Circle. Hodge also said that Clary's mother had been as well. That is was in it because she was Valentine's wife.
   "I'm not sure you're quite sensible of the honor I'm doing you," he said. "You'll be the first mundane who has every been inside the Institute."
   "Probably the smell keeps the rest of them away."
   "Ignore him," Clary said to Jace, and elbowed Simon in the side. "He always says exactly what comes into his head. No filters."
   "Filters are for cigarettes and coffee," Simon muttered under his breath as they went inside.
  She shrugged. "All right. Are you going to come back? Do you want any soup?"
  "No," said Jace.
  "Do you think Hodge will want any soup?"
  "No one wants any soup."
  "I want some soup," Simon said.
  "No, you don't," said Jace. "You just want to sleep with Isabelle."
  Simon was appalled. "That is not true."
  "How flattering," Isabelle murmured into the soup, but she was smirking.
  "Oh, yes it is," said Jace. "Go ahead and ask her - then she can turn you down and the rest of us can get on with our lives while you fester in miserable humiliation." He snapped his fingers. "Hurry up, mundie boy, we've got work to do."
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