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The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


PART TWO: Easy Is the Descent


• Clary finds out her mother did this to her. Jace and even Alec looked at her with pity. She wonders why.

• Magnus said it wasn't his job to ask questions, so he didn't know.

• Clary asked if the Covenant was OK with mind-rape. She wanted details on how many times this happened.

• Magnus said the first time he saw her she was two years old. He saw Jocelyn rushing down the street holding a wrapped bundle. Which was her. He went on to describe that first meeting and how her mother wanted to know if it was possible to blind her of the Sight. There were dangers involved to the procedure and she'd have to come every two years as the spell began to fade.

• Magnus confirmed he's seen her every two years since then. He watched her grow up... the only one he's even watched that way. Jace confirmed Magnus then must have recognized her at the door.

• Magnus said he was nervous.. she wasn't suppose to know about him. He was concerned that the spell had faded since she had been due to see him a month before. 

• Clary realized that he was there that day coming out of Dorothea's apartment. His eyes gave it away. Magnus said he threw up a glamour hard so she shouldn't have seen him.

• She asks him to take it off, and he says he can't. He said it is extremely difficult to reverse a spell than to create it. He said it would vanish over time. Her memories may come back all at once or over time... or may never remember. 

• Clary is pissed. She doesn't want to wait and feels like something is wrong with herself. Magnus is perturbed that she would think he damaged her. He points out every teen feels that way. He tells her about his past.

• She insists that he do something. He said he could give her a piece of what would have been her and turns to pick up the Gray Book.

• He explains what the book is about. Alec is impressed. Jace banters with him.

• He tells Clary to look at the book until she feeling something change in her mind. She stares at the page with a rune Mark on it. Clary feels a click in her head.

• The rune seemed like a word but with many meanings. She turned through the pages and read the Marks. Magnus suddenly stopped her saying she'd give herself a headache.
Jace explains most Shadowhunter kids learning one rune over a period of years. The first rune was for understanding and remembrance. It would open her mind to understanding the other Marks and hopefully unlock memories.


• She said it still doesn't help her remember the Mortal Cup. Magnus said he'd been through her memories and there wasn't anything about that or the other Mortal Instruments. He explained how The Angel gave the first Shadowhunter three items. A cup, a sword, and a mirror. He gave them more detail on the history.

• Magnus said Valentine is probably out for revenge. He was at the Uprising. They all discuss the Cup and possible location. Magnus says he's out of it and returns to his party, kicking them out of his room.

• They observe the party. A faerie band is playing. They find Isabelle and she is panicking. Simon was turned into a rat. He drank a blue drink and turned. Clary is furious with Isabelle. They look under the bar and she picks him up. Jace makes a comment. They look for Magnus to fix him. They argue. Magnus says there is no point to turning him back, he will anyway later. They put Simon in her backpack to try to sneak him on the subway. 

• Clary feels responsible and gets in an argument with Jace. 

• There is a shouting match at the front door. All vampires saying their bikes were messed with and some of the group are missing. Magnus kicks everyone out.

• Someone bumped her hard and hit her backpack. A vampire looked at her and asked what was in the bag. They leave, with Magnus is very grateful for, but asks Alec to call him. Alec blushes and stuttered.

• Magnus catches Clary and said he had a message from her mom. He knew she was trying to keep Clary out of a world she hated. Everything was to keep Clary safe. Don't blow that sacrifice. Magnus knows there are others that care what happens to Jocelyn. He reminds her that Joceyln fled from the Shadow World, not the downworlders. She was hiding from Shadowhunters only.

• They were all a mess outside. Jace had waited for Clary and walked with her. Alec and Izzy were talking. Clary noticed the pack was open. She gets scared. She screams at Jace. He takes the pack to find someone ripped open the bag. He tells the others to go on. They go back to Magnus' house.

• Magnus said he saw a vampire leave with a rat. Jace asked where their lair was. They discuss what the motive was. He wasn't going to tell them but Clary cut him off, pushing herself in front of Jace and said he messed with her brain and took her memories so he could do this one thing for her. 

• Magnus told her they are at the old Hotel Dumont. Jace asked if there was a holy place around, he needed weapons. They started for a Catholic church on Diamond Street.

   "She unwrapped the blanket when she came in my door. You were inside it. She set you down on the floor and you started ranging around, picking things up, pulling my cat's tail - you screamed like a banshee when the cat scratched you, so I asked your mother if you were part banshee. She didn't laugh."
   "They say that pity's a bitter thing, but it's better than hate.When I found out what I was really only half a human being, I hated myself. Anythings better than that."
   "If you insist on disavowing that which is ugly about what you do," said Magnus, still looking at Alec, "you will never learn from your mistakes."
  "Move it along, teenagers. The only person who gets to canoodle in my bedroom is my magnificent self."
  "Oh, poor baby," she crooned, almost as if he really were a pet. "Poor Simon, it'll be fine, I promise-"
  "I wouldn't feel too sorry for him," Jace said. "That's probably the closest he's ever gotten to second base."
  "Shut up!" Clary glared at Jace furiously, but she did loosen her grip on the rat.
   "Are you the one with the blue eyes?"
   "He means Alec," Clary said helpfully.
   "No. My eyes are usually described as golden," Jace told the intercom. "And luminous."
   "Oh, you're that one."

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