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Sorry this is late but I was REALLY sick this week, along with my two and seven year old kids. So without further ado: 

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


PART TWO: Easy Is the Descent

Magnus Bane

• We find Jace yelling directions at the cab driver after they left Bone City.
He tells Clary they are grabbing some dinner first, then calls Alec to have him up at Taki's.

• Taki's turns out to be a run down brick building with no windows. But Jace states that it is the greatest restaurant in NYC. Jace tells her about Magnus Bane. He is a warlock, the warlock who gave her the memory block.

• Alec meets them and says Izzy is coming with Simon, which doesn't make Jace happy.
Simon had shown up first thing that morning at the Institute.

• Taki's isn't just a diner. It is a diner for downworlders. We see all the patrons are ifrits, kelpies, selkies, werewolves and every other type other than human. Jace is quick to point out that you shouldn't eat fairy food because it will make you do crazy things.

• Clary studied Alec and Jace as they talked. She realized that Jace couldn't be an easy person to care about. She felt sympathy for Alec. He seemed so distracted.

• Isabelle and Simon show up. Jace starts to explain what happended when Alec shut him up. He didn't want all the downworlders to overhear. 

• The pretty waitress came to the table. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Entirely blue, with no white or pupil. Plus she had sharp teeth. She was smiling only for Jace.

• They talked about what she was, and Jace got up to go talk to her. He put his arm around her. Isabelle said he shouldn't tease her and explained to Clary that "she's a downworlder." They explain they only kill downworlders who are breaking the laws. Plus, they kill demons too.

• They explain the "food chain" of species, the rules for contact and the historical relationship between downworlders and Shadowhunters.

• Jace came back to the table with his hair messed up and lipstick on his cheek. Grinning at Kaelie the waitress as she brought the food over.

• Clary loved her pancakes with honey. Simon was sulking into his coffee.

• The group discuss Magnus Bane. Isabelle pulls out a party invitation of Bane's she got from a kelpie in Pandemonium. Turns out he is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Alec doesn't want to go but Jace wants to know why he was messing with Clary's head.

• The party started at midnight, so Jace and Alec spent the day in the weapons room. Isabelle and Simon went for a walk in Central Park so she could show him the faerie circles. Clary tried to lay down to sleep but was too amped. Worries about her mother raced through her mind. She made her way to the library to talk to Hodge, but it was empty. She saw a book on Hodge's desk that her mother had read. She went to open it and a photograph of her mother in a group fell out. She saw they were about her age and wearing Shadowhunter gear. Her mother looked almost exactly like her. Jocelyn's arm was around a boy she didn't recognize. His hair was white blond with black eyes. Hodge came up from behind her explaining that was Valentine.

• Clary noticed Valentine was looking at her mom in a way that said he really liked her. She mussed about the fact no one had looked at her that way. 


• Clary thought he looked so different in looks and manner from her own father. Hodge said he was charming, clever and very persuasive. Clary looked again and saw Hodge standing behind Valentine, as well as a young Luke. Hodge explained his real name was Lucian. The Lightwoods and Michael Wayland were also in the picture. Hodge explained Jace looks just like his mother. Luke was Valentine's second in command.

• Clary is confused about how her mother could have been connected to someone like that. Hodge explained about the Accords and some of the issues certain Shadowhunters had with them. He explained that Valentine had a destructive idealism and passionate loathing of anything he considered "nonhuman."

• Hodge said he did love Clary's mother very much and Idris. Hodge told her more about the homeland. There was a Glass City that was so beautiful. Weekly dances were held. There was a huge library. She asks to keep the picture, and Hodge reluctantly agrees. He asks her not to show Jace so it won't bring up past hurts.

• Hodge says they are sending people for the cup. He says he tell her more because Valentine is watching the Institute. She said she couldn't sleep and he gave her a potion to take. 

• She opened it and was smelling it down the hall on the way to her room. When she walked in, Jace was sprawled out on her bed, looking at her sketchbook. She shrieked and dropped the vial, spilling all over the floor. Jace gives a poor apology and states that if only Simon were there he could bore her to sleep.

• She was hesitant to let him look at her sketches. He thought they were very good. She told him it was more like a diary. He's shocked that there's no torrid romantic fantasies starring him in there. She cuts him down and he sobers. He says he could tell her a bedtime story. He looked sad, so she said okay.

• He tells her a story of a little Shadowhunter boy who's father gave him a falcon. It made the boy nervous and the falcon was angry and untamed. His father commanded him to learn control over the bird and for weeks his hands and wrists were bloody. The boy wanted to please his father and tried, staying with the bird all the time. He learned about the equipment. He was supposed to blind the bird but couldn't bring himself. The boy sat where it could see him and stroked him, letting the bird eat out of his hand. He saw how beautiful and graceful the bird was. They loved each other. The father saw and broke the birds neck. He said, "I told you to make it obedient... instead you taught it to love you. Falcons are not meant to be loving pets: They are fierce adn wild, savage and cruel. This bird was not tamed; it was broken."

• Alone, the boy cried. But he never cried again and never forgot that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.

• Clary said that was an awful story, how horrible the father was and that was child abuse. She was horrified that was a Shadowhunter bedtime story. Jace defended the father, saying he was trying to make him stronger and inflexible.

• Clary countered that you have to bend a little or you will break. Not if you're strong enough Jace said back. She yawned and he brushed her hair back. As she was falling asleep, she realized the story was a memory from Jace's childhood.

• Clary was having a very strange dream when Isabelle woke her up to get ready for the party. She was horrified that Clary wasn't going to change out of her jeans and demanded she wear something of hers.

• They went to Izzy's room that was painted black with swirls of sponged on gold paint. Clothes were everywhere. Her vanity had spangled pink fur, glitter, sequins and lots of make up.

• Clary put on what she thought was a mini black dress. Turns out to be a Izzy's shirt. She pulled out some boots and fishnets. Izzy then attacked Clary's hair and put make up pm her. She asked out suddenly, "Is Alec gay?" She said yes but promised Clary not to tell. When it was done, Clary was shocked to find she looked as beautiful as her mom.  Izzy showed her her weapons. 

• The boys were waiting in the entry. Simon looked past Izzy to Clary, with astonishment. "What is that?" he demanded. "It's a dress, Simon," she said. Jace said he liked the dress, running his eyes up and down her. He said it needed something extra. He gave her a thin dagger and said she'd learn to use it since it is in her blood.

• Jace then pulled the pins out of her hair and then said, "much better." His voice was slightly uneven.

   "Don't order any of the fairy food," said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to makes humans a little crazy. One minute you're munching a fairy plum, the next minute you're running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not," he added hastily, "that this has ever happened to me."


Alec muttered a retort into his coffee. It rhymed with something that sounded a lot more like "ducking glass mole." Clary smiled inwardly.


   Jace looked wounded. "A diary with no drawings of me in it? Where are the torrid fantasies? The romance novel covers? The -"
  "Do all the girls you meet fall in love with you?" Clary asked quitely.
   The question seemed to deflate him, like a pin popping a balloon. "It's not love," he said, after a pause. "At least - "
   "You could try not being charming all the time," Clary siad. "It might be a relief for everyone."

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