Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare


PART TWO: Easy Is the Descent

• Clary and Jace walk down deserted hallways and rooms till the reached the greenhouse. He opened the door and and these rich, distinctive smells all hit Clary at once. She saw the city lights through the window. It was beautiful.

• Jace is excited they have the place to themselves as Alec and Isabelle have allergies. They hate it there.

• Clary asked about some flowers and Jace said he didn't pay attention in botany class for what he does. Clary said, "You just need to know how to kill things?" He smiled. Then offered her a grilled cheese sandwich. 

• They sat down and ate sandwiches, fruits, nut chocolate and water. It was cool there. Jace took a special knife and carved up the apples telling her its not a birthday cake but its better than nothing.

• She replied she expected nothing so thanks. Jace said no one should go without something on their birthday. He talked about his birthdays and how his dad let him do or get whatever he wanted that one day.... even a bath in spaghetti.

• He talked more about his growing up years, which he spent alone, save his father. No friends. No school. He talked about meeting Alec when he was ten. But he said they traveled the world.

• Clary said her mom never leave the state. They guess because she was afraid she'd see something. Or get too far away from her. They talk about their dads. Then they start talking about Luke. Jace thinks his behavior didn't add up. Clary is mad but Jace cuts her off the a bell rings midnight.

• He pulls her to her feet and tells her to watch. All the tiny buds on the shrubs around them suddenly swell larger and burst open revealing petals dusted with pale gold pollen. He tells her they only bloom at midnight. Then exclaims, "Happy Birthday, Clarissa Fray."

• She was touched. Then he gave her a present. Clary jokes. Jace explains that it is a witchlight rune-stone. It will bring her light even in the darkest places. She thanked him.

• It turned awkward. She joked about it being better than a spaghetti bath to which he threatened her if she ever told anyone. She soothed him by telling him about the time she was five and she wanted to go around in the dryer. Then at twelve, she wanted a tattoo. Jace said that was in her blood... most get their first Marks at twelve.

• She said she wanted one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Donatello to cover her chicken pox scar on her shoulder. She pulled the strap of her tank top down to show him the star-shaped white mark. He looked away.

• He said it was late and they should get back downstairs. She pulled up the strap akwardly and kicked herself for thinking he'd want to see that.

• She then blurted out her question. Did he and Isabelle ever date? He was confused. She said Simon wondered. Jace replied he should ask her. She tries to drop the subject and Jace explains they never did... it would have felt strange... like dating your sister.

• Clary thinks she hates her, but Jace said its becuase she isn't the only girl around now. Clary thinks Isabelle is so beautiful but Jace says so is Clary. And that she's different, which Izzy notices. Izzy always wanted to be small and delicate and hates being taller than most guys. 

• Her brain has shut off now because all she can think about is that he called her beautiful. Nobody save her mother had. He then says they need to go.

• She sees the knife Jace used on the floor and jerks back to not step on it. That bumps her into Jace. He put a hand out to steady her and she tuned to apologize, but then his arms were around her and he was kissing her.


•  His mouth was hard at first, then he put both arms around her and pulled her to him. His lips softened and she felt his rapid heart rate and tasted apples. She put her hands in his hair (like she's been wanting to) and then heard a rushing sound.

• Jace drew away and told her Hugo was watching. Which meant Hodge wouldn't be far behind. Jace is somewhat reluctant to leave but they head downstairs.

• It feels different to Clary. He kept her hand in his till they reached her door. She thanked him again. He was reluctant to leaver her.

• He asked if she was going to sleep and she asked if he was tired. He said he'd never been more awake. Then he kisses her again, but then Simon opens her door. 'What the hell" he yells. 

• She thought he was asleep and he said he had been but when he woke up she wasn't there. She was upset.. they should have gone to Jace's room. She felt bad.. she had forgotten Simon completely.

• She says she's sorry and Jace becomes cocky and aloof. He calls her Clarissa, and says it would be good to mention she already has a man in her bed. They argue. Jace seemed offended when she said they were "just kissing" and mocks her.

• She tries apologizing again and Simon goes back in and slams the door. Jace continues to be biting and unemotional. She tells him to stop acting like nothing touches him. They argue. He tells her the kiss wasn't memorable for him either and walks off.

• She is torn as for what to do. When she goes back in her room, Simon is holding her sketchpad. Specifically, all the drawings of Jace. He said he just had to get his stuff. 

• Simon said he didn't like flat soda. He hates Jace. Simon thought Clary was better than that. Clary's temper flared, basically calling him a hypocrite with all the girls he went out with that she held her tongue about. 

Simon said this is different because he sees how she looks at Jace. Those other girls were practice. He yells he was trying to make Clary jealous. He's mad at her. He declares he's been in love with her for ten years. He walks out saying his mom said Clary would break his heart.

• She sat and pondered how she missed those signals. She felt bad for being happy in the greenhouse. She thought about Jace and how he didn't really care about her. 

• She looked down at her sketches and then suddenly weird things happen. She felt this urge and drew a coffee mug. Driven by some instinct, she set the cup down on the paper and drew some runes next to it. 
   "You just need to know how to kill things?"
    He looked up at her and smiled. He looked like a fair-haired angel from a Rembrandt painting, except for that devilish mouth. "That's right." He took a napkin-wrapped package out of the bag and offered it to her. "Also, " he added, "I make a mean cheese sandwich. Try one."
   "Do you remember your dad?"
   She shook her head. "No, he died before I was born."
   "You're lucky," he said. "That way you don't miss him."
   "Huh," said Clary, turning it over in her fingers. "You know, when most girls say they want a big rock, they don't mean, you know, literally a big rock."
  "Very amusing, my sarcastic friend."
   "Aren't you tired?"
   His voice was low. "I've never been more awake."

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