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CH REVIEW: 22 - Renwick's Ruin from CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare

PART THREE: The Descent Beckons

Renwick's Ruin

• Clary is in shock. She feels her whole life was a thin lie that's cracked and she's drowning in the lies.

• She realizes the photo on her mantel was not her father. Luke tells her John Clark was her mom's neighbor's son in the East Village. She never knew him, but was commissioned to do a painting of him. She thought it would be easier than making up another type of lie.

• Clary flips out... goes nuts when she realizes Valentine is HER father. Luke tries to calm her down and she can't get over what an evil being she has for a dad... and that every fell for his tricks and followed him.

• She quickly realizes she had a brother, one she always wanted, but he's dead. And grandparents, who are also dead.

• The box with J.C. was about Jonathan Christopher, not her "father". The hair was her brother's. Her mom was overprotective of her because of what happened to her brother. Hence Luke's comment, "Clary isn't Jonathan."

• The others come back and attend to Luke and Clary's wounds. She tells them how she got hers.

• They discuss where to go next and what to do. They review what portals are available to Valentine and narrow down his possible locations.

• Clary overheard Hodge saying the only other portal was at Renwick's. They use a phone book to figure out its not a restaurant. They are still trying to figure it out when Luke is fixing his side. Clary suddenly asks if they can kill Valentine when they find him.

• She calls Simon, he's concerned but she cuts him off, asking him to Google something for her. He makes a comment but does it. He confirms the place she questioned.

• The realize Valentine is holed up in Renwick Smallpox Hospital, a lunatic asylum, debtor's prison and hospital built on Roosevelt Island in the 1800's. Designed by architect Jacob Renwick and mainly used to quarantine those sick during Manhattan's smallpox epidemic. Years later is was abandoned and condemned. 

• Simon asked is she needed help and she basically hung up on him.

• Clary tells Luke she knows of an abandoned hospital on the south end of the island that she believes to be the location of Valentine's. Luke order's his pack for battle.


•  They go through the underground tunnels of what was once a NYPD station. Luke says the outside looks like a Chinese Takeout to keep up appearances. 

• Clary sits in Luke's truck while he talks to his wolves, then a convoy of vehicles sets out for the island.

• She ate bao buns and drank coffee on the way. She chokes on her bun when Luke asks about who this "Jace" is. She gives him a brief history of Jace and his connection with Valentine... that he ordered Jace's father's death.

• Luke explains the moon's effects on their shifting. Clary makes a quip and Luke laughs. But things get serious when Luke tells her he killed this clan's leader last week to take charge. He only did it when he learned Joceyln was taken and he needed backup to rescue her.

• Luke tries in vain to keep her in the car. They all get out and the wolves huddle. He tells Clary to look past the glamour to see what the place really looks like... a Gothic revival structure.

• Luke reminds her to stick next to him. The pack spreads out and find Forsaken. A hard fight breaks out, when it gets too dangerous, Luke shouts at Alaric to get her out of there now.

• She looks back to see Gretel brutally killed. She apologizes for knifing him again, but he's don't be because it was well thrown. Luke meets up with them and they argue about Alaric going inside with Luke. He says he needs his 2nd in command outside. 

• Luke and Clary search rooms till they find Jocelyn under a spell on a bed.. looking asleep. She's in a white nightdress, with silver manacles around her wrists and feet and the chains sunk into the floor. The bedside table is covered with tubes and bottles and surgical instruments. A tube runs into her left arm.

• Luke had restrained her thinking it may be a trap but Clary runs to her mom. Luke can't touch the silver, so they decide to get an axe they saw in the weapons room down the hall. 

• Graymark stands in the door, telling them the chains are unbreakable. He and Luke verbally spar. He calls Clary his girlfriend and mocks that. The verbally attack each other more. Luke asks why Valentine hadn't started his plans yet and Graymark replies that he's got his.. when Pangborn interrupts.

• Luke asks what Val wants with Jocelyn and they shrug. She was his wife and maybe he wants payback. Luke tries to bargain. Luke whispers at her to run. She takes off while Luke transforms. Then hell breaks loose as Graymark and Pangborn attack. She ends up in the weapons room.

• She feels magic in there. She goes up the stairs and goes into a certain room on instinct. It was a room decorated in period style. A dining table heaping with food. There were two windows.

• Jace was standing still by one of them.

• He was holding the curtain back to look out. She calls out to him. He looks at her.

• He catches her as she runs to him and asks why she is there. She said she came for him. He tells her she shouldn't have and that she should have thought. She said she was thinking about him.

• She tells him about Luke and the wolf clan. Jace says he is going to have to call them off. She is shocked.

• Jace says there is a misunderstanding. She tries to get him to leave and he won't go. She looks at him closely to see him dressed nicely, clean and his ring back on his finger.

• He says his father gave him the clothes. He says there was a mistake. Jace starts to tell her when Valentine walks into the room. Valentine had silvery short hair and a hard mouth. He was very armed with knife and sword. 

• Valentine started to ask Jace if he had gotten his things together since they can hold off the wolves for only so long when he spies Clary.

• Clary reaches for her blade, Jace caught her wrist and tells her that Valentine is his father.

  "Most of the rest of us have learned how to, over the years. Only the moon at its fullest can force a Change on me now."
   " So when the moon's only partly full, you only feel a little wolf?" Clary asked.
   "You could say that."
   "Well, you can go ahead and hang your head out the car window if you feel like it."
   Luke laughed. "I'm a werewolf, not a golden retriever."
   "You idiot, what a thing to do." His voice was angry, but the gaze that swept her face, the fingers that gently brushed her hair back, were tender. She had never seen him look like this; there was a soft sort of fragility about him, as if he might not just be touched but hurt, even. "Why don't you ever think?" he whispered.

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