Monday, August 12, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare

PART TWO: Easy Is the Descent


• Hodge stares where Valentine left, with dark fluid (the curse) all over his chest. 

• Clary yells at him, banging on the wall which does nothing for her current injuries. Her heart feels even more pain because Jace was taken. She asks Hodge to let her out. He says can't because she'd try to kill him.

• She tries to reason with him while he is writing at his desk. She thinks Valentine will kill him and Hodge says he won't. She reminds him that Valentine said he'd be with his father soon and his father is dead.

• Hodge said it's complicated. She spits insults at him. He said she only knows fragments and is better off not knowing. 

• He folds his paper in a square and tosses it into the fire which flares green. It is a message to someone. Hodge tries to justify what he did and lay equal blame on the Clave and other Circle members. Clary said his curse wasn't her or Jace's fault. 

• Hodge cuts her off by telling her Valentine didn't kill Jace's father. He is obsessed with the idea that he's trying to be good.

• He tries to convince her that she has no past with the Shadowhunters and no ties so she should get away and never come back. She says she can't. He gives her his condolences and walks out. 

• She is thinking about the various states of her friends while still trapped when she remembered she never gave Jace his steele back. A rune came to her and she made it along the wall and it crashed to the ground around her. She was free.

• Running to the window, she sees Hodge crossing the street. She runs after him. He goes into a narrow service alley. Hodge was at the dead end with all the trash and he sees her.  She confronts him about Valentine's location and what he plans to do with The Cup.

• Hodge throws a chakram at her and she ducks just in time. He had a second disk ready when a grey werewolf jumps in front. Hodge recognizes whoever it is.


•  Hodge tries to tell the wolf that Valentine would still take him back, only to be met with growls. He throws the second chakrum into the wolfs side but the wolf's jaws bite down on Hodge's shoulder. It looked at Clary.

• Clary ran for her life. The wolf nipped her leg and jerked her backwards. She screamed as she passed out.

• She woke to find herself on a dingy cot in a candle lit room with a wet dog smell. A jail cell with the floor-to-ceiling iron bars.

• She had a raging headache and nausea.

• Clary had long parallel scratches on her face from her right eye to the edge of her mouth. She had her steele.

• She tries to get up when she hears a man with a lamp, who turns out to be Luke.

• It was all too much for her and she collapsed to the ground.

• Luke flew across the room, catching her and set her back down. He's concerned for her but she's mad at him and doesn't want him touching her.

• He tries to explain but she gets mad at him. He's bleeding on his side and he says Hodge may not throw well but keeps his disks sharp. She realizes he is the werewolf from the ally.

• He asks about any other victims of Hodge and she tells him about Jace and Valentine.

• She meets Gretel and Alaric, Luke's second and third. Alaric was the wolf she threw the knife into at the Hotel Dumort. She apologizes but he says not to. That it was an excellent throw. He gives it back to her.

• Luke explains that he had a group of wolves watching her, and go after her if she seemed in danger. She mumbles about being able to handle it when Gretel interrupts. Luke asks for medical attention for Clary and himself.

• Luke goes on to explain werewolf leadership chain of command. And that Jocelyn knew he was a were.

• She fills him in on what she's learned and is mad that he didn't go after her mom.

• He tells her Valentine does not bargain. What his mindset and strategies are.

• She gets torqued and rails him. He says she sounds like a Lightwood. 

• He says if she is going to believe anything he says he will have to tell her the whole story. 

   "Listen to you," Luke said quietly. "You sound like a Lightwood."

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