Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CH REVIEW: CH 21- The Werewolf's Tale from CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare

PART THREE: The Descent Beckons


• Luke starts explaining his past to Clary, starting with how he and her mom grew up together in Idris. He mentions he's sorry she has never seen it.

• He describes Idris - the geography, the small towns and the main city. It is called the Glass City because its towers are shaped from the same demon-repelling substance in their steeles, so the towers sparkle like glass.

• They went to Alicante to school and they met Valentine there. We get a full description of what Valentine was like, mostly he was the typical "golden boy."

• Luke was the opposite and struggled with everything. He was miserable. Valentine came to him and helped him train. Luke idolized him then. A group was formed.

• Valentine was obsessed with Shadowhunters dying out. Fewer and fewer being born. He wanted to do something about it. Mainly by using The Cup to make more. The teachers said it was sacrilege and would kill humans. He called them liars and convinced his group to "save the Shadowhunter race."

• Valentines' dad was killed on a werewolf raid and it changed him. He raged and was cruel. Only Joceyln could calm him. She had pushed him away but his dad's death brought them together. They got married. 

• Valentine also wanted a war with all Downworlders, not just Accord breakers. Jocelyn asked Luke to stay in the group to moderate it. The Lightwoods were 100% on board. Wayland was so so. 

• Things got bad. Valentine tortured children and other foul acts.

• Jocelyn got pregnant and was afraid of Valentine. He hid out in the cellars and she heard screaming. Luke confronted him for her. Valentine laughed it off, took Luke patrol that night as they were parabatai. He thought Val had his back but he let a werewolf attack him.

• After three weeks, he turned. It was agony and confusing. He woke up miles from home. He got back and Valentine ripped Jocelyn away and gave him a dagger to kill himself with. 

• Luke wanted to die and take the one who bit him with him, so he went back to the werewolves and fought him through the night. He killed him and became the clan leader instead. He started a new life, always thinking of Jocelyn.

• Jocelyn came to him one night. She had had a boy named Jonathan Christopher. Jocelyn was pale, crying and mad he never told her he was alive. She told him Valentine was after him and he hid.

• They met in secret. The Accords were that year. Valentine stole The Cup for his plans. 

• Jocelyn and Luke sent secret messages to all downworlders giving them a heads up to Valentines' plans to attack. He describes the day of the Accords.

• Valentine and his group stood up to attack, and Jocelyn ran to the doors and let in all the downworlders. 


•  Luke describes the carnage. And his confrontation with Valentine.

• Valentine grabs Jocelyn and puts a knife to her throat. Luke drops his weapons and Valentine exclaims that he knew all along Luke lusted after her and they plotted his betrayal together. Valentine said they'd forever regret that, caused a diversion and escapes with her. Joceyln was found by the river, terrified for her son. 

• They found her house on fire. Valentine used demon fire. Jocelyn found the bones of her mother and father. They found Val's amulet and the bones of a child. They knew Valentine had done this.

• After going to the city, they left Idris penniless. She didn't speak for a week. She said she was done with Shadowhunters, with everything. Jocelyn was pregnant and wanted a new life for the child and herself... away from the Clave. 

• Jocelyn used the amulet to buy a plane ticket. As she left, she told Luke that Valentine was not dead. Luke went back to his pack but was restless. He missed her too much, was too human. 

• He went to the city to sign the Accords. He found out what had happened to the Circle. When he got up, he determined to go look for her. He could not be without her.

• Luke describes his travels across Europe and America and his efforts to find Joceyln.

• He saw her one of her landscapes in a gallery window in SoHo one day. It was the view from the windows of her family's manor home. He recognized her style right away. He saw she had signed it Joceyln Fray. That night, he found her in a fifth-floor walk up in the East Village. 

• Nervous, he knocked on the door, and a little girl with red braids answered. Jocelyn had paint stained hands and looked just the same. Luke said she knew the rest.
  When we had signed the Accords, I rose from my chair and went from the hall, down to the river where I had found Jocelyn on the night of the Uprising. Watching the dark waters flow, I knew I could never find peace in my homeland: I had to be with her or nowhere at all. I determined to look for her.

 I left my pack, naming another in my stead; I think they were relieved to see me go. 

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