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CH REVIEW: Ch 23: Valentine from CITY OF BONES

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare

PART THREE: The Descent Beckons


• Valentine asks who the girl (Clary) is. Jace said it was Clary Fray, a friend of his. He looks her over. 

• He sees her blade and wants a closer look. Jace takes it and hands it over.

• Valentine explains that it is a kindjal, a Circassian dagger. He was surprised the Lightwoods didn't notice it, but Jace said they let him have private things. Valentine argued that.

• Jace said he's shocked to to know he's not Michael Wayland's son, but Valentine's. 

• Clary sinks into despair when she sees that Jace really believes this. He seems a stranger. Valentine looks amused and tells Clary she better sit down. She staunchly refuses.

• He warns her she will hear something that will be hard to take standing up. She counters that she'll let him know when that happens.

• He says her name must be short for Clarissa, not what he would have chosen. Clary realizes then that Valentine already knows she is his daughter, but isn't coming outright with it.

• She could see behind his eyes that he was trying to use this information to his advantage somehow.

• Clary looks at Jace, who's seems upset.

• She says she doesn't care what he thinks about her name, and that he's really not Jace's father. That he's trying to trick them. Valentine said that everyone was misinformed.

• Valentine said the ring with the W was really an upside down M. It has a falling star. Morganstern means 'falling star.'

• Valentine said he wouldn't serve a corrupt government so he lost his family, lands and almost his life. 

• Clary snaps. She said all of that was HIS fault and ploughs into him but Jace cuts her off. Jace tells her that it was Hodge who wanted the cup and went after her mother. She can't believe he'd buy that crap.

• She tries to set him straight, but Jace says Hodge needed the cup to lift his curse and flee before Valentine told the Clave everything.

• Clary yells that she was there and knows that that isn't true. She saw the whole exchange with Valentine. Clary lays into Valentine when Jace yells at her to stop talking to his father like that. He wants to know why she won't believe it.

• Valentine immediately answers, "because she loves you."

• She pales, not knowing what else he'll say. Jace is surprised. Valentine says he's not brainwashing him.

• He tells "Johnathan" aka Jace to sit down.

• Clary feels dizzy. She asks and he says Jace is a nickname for his initials, J.C.

• She whispers, "Christopher" to which confuses Jace as to how she could know.

• Valentine tries to be soothing when he says he tried to spare him by telling him his mother died instead of abandoning him before his first birthday. 

• Jace almost breaks his glass at the idea his mother is alive.

• Valentine says she is. And she is Jocelyn, Clary's mother. Clary is his sister.


•  Jace spills wine all over the table. He turned greenish white. That's not true he said.

• Valentine says he should be rejoicing since yesterday he was an orphan and now he has a father, mother and a sister.

• He can't believe it. He says if she were... and has a nauseous horror look on his face. Clary can't take it and stumbles around the table to hold his hand. He jerks back and says "don't."

• Clary burns with hatred for Valentine. She know Valentine dropped the news hard on Jace and watched the results of his handiwork coolly. She could see how hateful he was. 

• Jace whispers to Clary to tell him its not true, but she can't do that. Valentine grins like a cat. But she stops him by saying he's mixing lies with the truth.

• Valentine grows tired of it all and tells his story. That Michael Wayland was not Jace's father. Wayland was killed in the uprising. Valentine assumed Wayland's name and place when he fled the Glass City with his son. He said the logistics were easy. He and Jace were both left handed.

• Ten years later, he received a letter from someone who said they knew his true identity and was attempting to blackmail him. He staged his death a second time with the help of Blackwell and Pangborn and sent Jace to safety with the Lightwoods.

• Clary thinks he's despicable. Jace tells her to stop. Valentine says they loved Jace because they thought he was Michael's son, not Valentine's. Clary says they'd love him for being Jace.

• He said Joceyln fled the uprising. He said the Clave would have hunted him down and she could not bear her association with him and ran. Clary noted she did hear what sounded like pain in his voice and knew it was fake and he was being manipulative. He didn't know she was pregnant. 

• Valentine said they would all use the portal and go back to the manor and be a family again. Clary thought differently.

• Jace says that's the only place they can go. Then an enormous crash shakes the building. Luke stands at the door.

• Luke is covered in blood, COVERED in blood.

• She runs to him and clings to him anyway. He hugs her briefly and tells her none of its his. He puts his arm around her. Valentine looks at them calculating.

• Jace stands hesitantly with his father. Luke explains who's blood it is.

• Luke shows him the dagger he used, the one that is a matched pair to Jace's. Its the one Valentine told Luke to kill himself with. Valentine makes a comment about being too weak to kill him at the time. 

• Luke mocks him. He asks if its being brave to chain his unconscious wife to a bed to hopefully torture her for information? Valentine says its for her protection, but Luke fires back that it is only Valentine that is a danger to her. She ran from him.

• Valentine said he loved her. He'd never hurt her and Luke turned her away from him.

• Luke said she didn't need him. She learned to hate Valentine all on her own. Valentine exploded. He quickly levels a blade at Luke's heart.

• He yells at Jace "Jonathan" to be quite and Luke is shocked. Jace tells Luke he'll kill him if he calls him that. Luke says his mom would be proud and Jace says he doesn't have one.

• Jace says she walked away from him. He was nothing to her, so she is nothing to him.

• Luke corrects him and asks Valentine why he's using his children as bait. Val tells Luke to release Clary. She says she is not his daughter. 

• Luke shoves her away and yells at her to leave. She stumbles to the door in an attempt to get help. Jace blocks her, saying the place is full of Forsaken. He won't let them rip her apart.

• Valentine and Luke fight. Luke gets first blood. They trade sharp remarks as they fight. 

• Clary tries to tell him his mother loved him and explains the J.C. box and her crying. How she thought he was dead seeing the bones at the house. The grandparents bones. Jace explains it away as glamour.

• He tells her to shut up. Luke glances at them giving Valentine the chance to shove the blade into his chest. He raises the blade for the killing stroke. Clary ducks Jace and throws herself onto Luke. 

• She sees that Valentine could stop the blow but he doesn't.

• Jace threw his dagger and cut his father's hand so he'd drop the sword. Valentine is astonished but tells Jace that was an excellent throw. He said he would have stopped the blow.

• Clary knows Valentine is lying. She turns and starts trying to help Luke. Valentine said they were not to do anything. They are hunters and sometimes demon killers. She says killers and murderers are not the same. 

• Clary says he is the monster and murderer, not Luke. Confronting him about murdering Jocelyn's parents in cold blood. And Michael Wayland and his son. That he threw their bones in and put the necklace on Michael's body so everyone would think it was him. She said he was a big talker, but he didn't care about old people or children. He roared at her and she knew she had the truth. He yelled at Jace to move her.

• Jace does it. He tells her not to talk to him. He tells her not to look. Clary tells him shutting his eyes to pretend its not happening doesn't make it not true.

• Luke says let him die on his feet. Valentine says only a man deserves that, and he isn't one.

• Jace and Clary fight verbally. She tells him his family.. the Lightwoods love him. Luke is her family and he's going to make her watch him die just like he watched his father die. Is that the kind of man he wants to be?

• He tells her to get down. He gets Luke out of the way and confronts his father. He tells him to leave. Valentine can't believe it. He calls to him and Jace says his name is not Jonathan Morganstern by Jace Wayland. Valentine roars that he's not family and Jace cuts him off saying Valentine is the real stranger. They have a stalemate. Luke gets up to help finish off Valentine. 

• Valentine is pissed. Jace is preferring demons to his own father. Clary said if Valentine had really cared, he wouldn't have killed his grandparents. He said they had sided against him and he knew Joceyln was leaving him. He admitted he burned them. Jace is about to kill him when Clay asks for the Cup. 

• It's in Idris where they won't find it replied Valentine. Luke manages to get the sword out of Jace's hands and tells Valentine he's going with him to Idris for the Cup. He tells Clary and Jace to stick together and use the portal after them to escape. 

• Alaric shows up in wolf form. Valentine throws the dagger at Luke in the confusion, Jace yells and Alaric jumps in front and takes the blow. Luke tends to Alaric, Jace runs off after Valentine.

• Valentine says she's just like Jocelyn, never doing what she's told after she goes after Jace. He says he'll go get the Cup. Valentine opens the portal, which is in the mirror.

• He tempts Jace with a view of his childhood home, but Jace says it isn't his home now. Valentine goes through and Clary convinces Jace not to go. Valentine mocks his son. Says he's too softhearted to kill him. Valentine destroys the portal. 

• Jace picks up a piece of glass. She tries to comfort him. He says he should have killed him. They look at the glass, which still reflects Idris. 

• Luke comes over to them. Alaric is dead. Valentine got away with the Cup. Luke tries to comfort Jace. She takes the glass out of his hands and holds him. Jace whispers her name over and over.

  Valentine cut in. His voice was soothing. "Jace, I had thought to spare you. I thought a story of a mother who died would hurt you less than a story of a mother who abandoned you before your first birthday."
  That sounds terrific, thought Clary. Just you, your comatose wife, your shell-shocked son, and your daughter who hates your guts. Not to mention that your two kids may be in love with each other. Yeah, that sounds like a perfect family reunion. Aloud she said only, "I am not going anywhere with you, and neither is my mother."

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