Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is it people! The very LAST section of the book. ** SNIFF SNIFF** I hope you enjoyed the book! 

The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare

The Ascent Beckons

• Clary is at the hospital, signing in to see her mother. Luke was already in there talking to Brother Jeremiah. He gives her a cookie cutter answer to her question and walks off. 

• Luke says that Magnus Bane healed Alec. They don't know what is wrong with Joceyln.

• Luke and Clary talk for a bit, and she leaves him there to go with Simon. He takes her to the Institute. She hadn't been back since. Jace called her to let her know they were all OK. Simon asks and she said nothing happened between them.

• She said she' get a cab home, and he should come over tomorrow to watch TV and eat popcorn. He kisses her cheek. They lightly banter and he takes off.

• Isabelle is happy to see her. They talk for a bit. She goes on to say that Jace is better with her around, less sharp and lets his kindness show. She realizes she should learn to have girlfriends. 

• Alec comes up on crutches. They all talk about what happened. Alec tries to apologize. They clear the air. He also knows she lied to him about killing the greater demon. He appreciated that she was kind to him, even after how he treated her.

• Alec makes a joke about Jace's "artistic talents" and walks away.

• She finds Jace with the glass in his hands in the middle of the greenhouse.
Clary sits with him.

• Clary asks what's reflected in the glass. He says he keeps angling the piece to see the house, to see what his father is up to. She says to forget about it and let the Clave deal with it.

• She ponders how two people who look nothing alike could be siblings. It wasn't fair.

• Jace said he knew his father was testing him to see if he'd break. He wanted to go home badly.

• Clary doesn't understand, thinking of the bad stuff. Jace said it was the only place he was every that happy.

• Clary realizes he didn't tell on Hodge because Jace felt sorry for him. But she goes back to Jace's childhood and can't grasp how he could have been happy with all the things done to him.

• Jace said it was the only time he truly knew who he was. After his Dad died he felt free to kill demons without consequences and knowing that anyone would care if he died. He feels different now because of Clary. She makes him feel like he belongs.

• She asks him to go to the hospital with her. Not just for his sake, but it might help Joceyln wake up.

• He paid her a compliment as he said yes. The sun was setting.They stood to go. She said she'd pay for a cab. He had a better idea.

• He had a vampire bike on the roof. Magnus said someone had left it at his party so Jace could have it. She gives him a verbal shove but gets on.

• As they fly, she looks at the city and all the new people she hadn't known inhabited the city. 

• Jace turns and asks her what she's thinking. She says its all different now down there. He says she is the one who's different.

• She thinks he going to try and go into the river and he scoffs at Alec's thoughts on that. She said all the stories are true.

• He turns and dips the bike, but this time, Clary keeps her eyes open.
  "I've got an idea," said Alec, his mouth turning up at the corners. "Let's not tell him. I mean, maybe Jace can behead a Du'sien demon from a distance of fifty feet with just a corkscrew and a rubber band, but sometimes I think he doesn't know much about people."
  He held her gaze, then broke it with a smile - crooked and a little battered, but a real smile. "Fine, I'll go with you." He stood up. "You don't have to tell me all the good things about your mother," he added. "I already know them."
  "Do you?"
  He shrugged slightly. "She raised you, didn't she?"
...she said, getting on behind him. "If we crash into the parking lot of a Key Food, I'll kill you, you know that?"

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