Sunday, August 11, 2013


The Mortal Instruments Series
by Cassandra Clare

PART TWO: Easy Is the Descent


• Jace is surprised at how small The Cup is. 

• Clary says its time to go when Dorothea exclaims it is damaged and tries to grab it.
Jace quickly gets between them and announces no one gets to hold it but them.

• Dorothea says Valentine would be displeased it anything happened to it and offered them to use the portal. Jace yells at her not to open it but she pulls the curtain back, showing the portal was already open.

• Red rolling clouds with black thunder were coming through and Jace yelled at them to duck. It enveloped Dorothea and changed her physically. 

• The whole group is freaked out and Jace yells at them to move. They rush to the front door but it won't open. Someone spelled the door. They try using a steele when this huge, gross demon comes out of Dorothea's. Alec is paralyzed with fear. 

• There is a vivid and detailed description of the creature that use to be Dorothea. It tells them to give The Cup to it and it will let them live.

• It is a Greater Demon called Abbadon. Clary asks the demon what happened to Dorothea. It said he took over her and killed her quickly. It started toward Clary and Jace stepped in.

• Jace leads the attack. Isabelle and Alec jump in and use their weapons against it. Alec is thrown against the wall and goes unconscious. Then Isabelle is taken out. It starts towards Clary. She is screaming and trying to get away. Jace is in a trance like state looking at Alec. Her screams jolt him back to reality and he jumps in and engages the demon again.

• The demon gets the upper hand when the front door bursts open and Simon comes through with the bow and arrows. He sees what's going on and shoots an arrow at the skylight, breaking the glass. Sunlight pours through.

• The demon crumpled in on itself and vanished.

• Jace was stumbling over to Alec. They all manage to get over to him. He asks if he killed it and Clary said he did (though she had just thanked Simon for doing so), which made Alec laugh. His laugh had blood bubbles.

• They scramble to heal him and its not working. They hustle to the van and Simon drives like a maniac to the Institute to get help.


•  They had mentioned briefly before going in that demons can't take sunlight. Clary was really proud of Simon for remembering that and acting on it. She was embarrassed that she didn't remember the skylight herself.

• Clary feels bad about the blood in the van, and Simon tells her its OK. And that she did her job getting The Cup.

• Jace is in the hallway by the infirmary when she gets up there. He won't let her touch him. She apologizes but he says that it is his fault. 

• He talks about the code and honor. He knew that Alec wasn't acting like himself, but all he could think about was Clary. He held her face in his hands and bent forward to touch foreheads with her. He said if Alec dies, it will be like he killed him.

• He asks what is happening to himself when Hodge comes out and says they need the Silent Brothers to come out.

• Hodge says its a pity they didn't get the cup on the way to the library when Clary exclaims that they did get it. Hodge is beside himself.

• He walks over the Jace and asks him if he knows what he has done, and that he looks so much like his father. Then Hodge orders the bird to attack Clary.

• Hugo shredded Clary's face and Hodge grabbed the Cup. Jace was unconscious on the floor. She went after Hodge but there was an invisible barrier. She told him the Clave would not let him get away with it. 

• She realizes he never sent a message to The Clave about the possibility of The Cup. He said he didn't want it for himself but that he wanted it for Valentine. 

• Valentine shows up. He is surprised he came so quickly. Hodge asks Valentine to do what he promised and then he'll give him the cup. They talk about betraying people, including the Lightwoods. And about how Hodge has been trapped.

• Hodge is worried he will hurt the children. Valentine was upset there was blood on Jace, but Hodge said it wasn't his. Hodge begs him not to hurt Jace and he'll give him the Cup. Valentine won't commit to anything and says he is going to give him the Cup now.

• Valentine picks up Jace and says that he will be his father soon, where he belongs.

• Hodge screams at him to end his curse, and Valentine does so. And then Valentine stepped through the portal with Jace.
   "It's The Mortal Cup Jace, not The Mortal Toilet Bowl."
   "By the Angel," Jace said, looking them demon up and down. "I knew Greater Demons were meant to be ugly, but no one ever warned me about the smell.".... "smells like a landfill to me. You sure you're not from Staten Island?"

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