Saturday, February 01, 2014

4.7 stars for The Jade Series by Allie Everhart

The Jade Series by Allie Everhart

Genres: NA, College, Substance Abuse, Physical Abuse, Contemporary Romance, Sports (Running and Swimming), Crime/Mystery, Mild Suspense

Rating: 4.7 stars for entire series (Choosing You, Knowing You, Loving You, Promising You)

**Note: sexual content, not appropriate for under 16, definitely not for middle school)

I read all four book in less than two days.... if that clues you in to how addicting this series was. I read under the covers, at the kids' bus stop, making dinner.... I could not put them down! Everhart masterfully wrote about the pains of child abuse, broken hearts and realistic relationships. Bravo! I must say I went through an entire box of tissues reading the last two books. These books were riveting. What truly set these books apart was the realistic relationship and characters. It was as if I WAS Jade.... I felt what she felt, thought what she thought. It was organic, natural, rich, deep, thought provoking and emotionally wrenching. You all know I feel the mark of a great book is character development and these were filled to the brim with excellent and thoughtfully delivered characters. Every character save one or two matured and intensified. There were some typos and the ending felt a bit rushed, but otherwise it was absolutely outstanding. Please continue the story Allie! I have so many unresolved questions and there is so much more to their story! Go get a copy today and happy reading!