Saturday, May 03, 2014

BOOK LAUNCH! Sweet Reckoning Launch Photos!

My awesome friend, Wendy Higgins had her fantastic book launch for Sweet Reckoning Thursday! Here are some pictures from the event! Wendy had a Q & A session and revealed that she is looking into a book or mini series from Kai's POV (point of view) that would start as a prequel to the SR series and go through the other three books! SQUEAL!!!!!! Hyperventilating.... Oh please dear God make it so! :)
So here is a peek at Wendy signing, the AWESOME cupcakes by the wonderful Jen Cooke Fisher (Jenuine Cupcakes), and the fabulous authors Kristi Tuck Austin, Malissa Jayne Coy and Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie!