Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FULL BOOK REVIEW: Shades of Truth by C.L. Stockton

Shades of Truth (Shades of Truth Book #1)
By: C.L. Stockton

Published: April 13, 2013 Kindle Edition
Genres: YA • NA • Mystery • Romance • World Building • Suspense • Kings & Swords • Humor 

A semi finalist in the 2011 Amazon Breaththrough Novel Awards for young adults, "Shades of Truth" is a novel about the power of truth and who tells it.

After nearly being kidnapped in a bakery, Cadrian Summerlynn decides the next time her father hands her a purse and tells her to take it to Lisbon, the answer is no. Emphasis on the no. If there even is a next time, as her father's disappeared and all his scary associates seem to think she has what he promised them. And she might, only she isn't entirely sure.

She might be able to tell if only Lucas Colton didn't keep distracting her. Too handsome for his own good, he has definite ideas about her father and where Cadrian fits in.

Forced to work together with neither telling the complete truth, will they discover her father's secrets without killing the other?

Breaking out the minions.... oh yeah. It was THAT. GOOD.

Grab your blanket, cup of tea (or coffee) and a big box of tissues and get settled in because once you start reading Shades of Truth, you won't be bothered by anything other than the roof on fire.

Yes, it was that tremendous. My favorite aspect of this book? The WIT.

Oh Holy Mac and Cheese... the dialogue was outstanding. OUTSTANDING. Stockton writing was a mountainous lava cake, overflowing with rich, finger licking good verbal sparing matches that made me laugh, pump fist the air and cry. She delivered a five star dining experience full of dynamic dialogue, evolving characters, gut wrenching twists, polished storylines and all consuming emotional pull. 

Lucas is now my new book boyfriend. Just letting you all know that HE. IS. MINE. Oh Buttercream on a Cupcake was he a delicious read. He is one character that has as many layers as an onion but the taste of a BJ's Brewhouse Strawberry Beignet. Oooooooh yeah.

My one minor critique would be the world building. I felt that there should have been a bit more description to ground the reader as to the time period, social parameters and technology level.

Cadrian and Lucas were bewitching. I was held captive by their personalties, their dialogue and their emotions. The book immediately threw you into the heart of the action and catapulted me deep into the heart of the characters. My mind was working the whole time, sifting through clues and second guessing possible options.

The relationships were organic and fresh. They weren't forced. She didn't wrangle characters into situations that weren't fitting with the storyline or their personality. Stockton created effortless flow and pacing.

Stockton brewed a masterful blend to ensare my mind and heart. Bravo!

I have grab hands for the next book in the series!