Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The White Witch
By: BC Morin

Published: Self Published on Kindle. May 20, 2015

My copy: Free on Amazon.com

Genres: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Magic, Witches, Suspense

Rating: 4.5 


Being cursed with avenging the slaughter of a group of ancestors is certainly a burden no one would want. Though, for Katelyn Miller, it’s not a choice.

She has taken shelter under the label of freak for most of her life. Since the incident at her best friend’s eighth birthday party, she has managed to keep everyone at a safe distance from the strange things that happen around her. As she eagerly prepares to graduate high school, she will find that she cannot keep everyone away for long, including the mysterious guidance counselor that lately, seems to be following her.

Logan Blackwell III is the newest and arguably the hottest resident of Shippan Ct. and is immediately and inexplicably drawn to Katelyn. Although Logan manages to tear down some of Katelyn’s walls, it’s not enough to let him in on her secret. But when the possibility of death lingers around them both, Katelyn finds letting Logan in may be her only hope. As a century's old curse comes full circle, Katelyn finds out that Logan has secrets of his own and now the same forces that brought them together, threaten to tear them apart.

I have gotten to know BC Morin through our friendships with various authors, and I was pleased to have an opportunity to review her work. The White Witch was a quick read at 207 pages, but it had a great feel to it.

It starts with a familiar place for many characters in YA, that of being bullied. This is a topic very near and dear to my heart as I and my middle son have been targets of bullies. Needless to say, the idea of kids being bullied and harassed at school gets my blood boiling.

I quickly became engrossed in the story. Its the kind of story that may be about paranormal abilities, but the common themes and struggles dominate a large portion of the book. Family struggles, relationships, the future, self doubt, harassment... the list is surprisingly extensive. Trying to get by, make it to graduation, not get noticed are issues many face. The emotional pull sucked me right in.

There was a tension filled scene outside of school, where Kate gives a shocking response. (Pardon the pun)... that I quite enjoyed.

Both Kate and Logan had various issues that left them reeling and wary of society and relationships. I can understand why people would think they started up too fast. But I think sometimes, when you meet a kindred spirit, someone who "gets" what kind of pain you have been through or going through, the connection is instantaneous and strong. 

Don't get me wrong. It's not all chocolates and roses for these love birds. Oh no. They have plenty of angst moments of pain, doubt and confusion. What good book wouldn't?

I love to see female protagonists that aren't perfect. Kate's not. She can be strong and fragile. Loud mouthed and unable to speak. Sure of herself and then completely scared of doing everything wrong. That makes her organic.

I had two areas of concern with the book, number one being the pacing. I felt that it was too fast, especially towards the end. The last twenty or so pages felt rushed and glossed over what I thought were critical turning points. The relationship started to develop a rich and detailed flavor, then suddenly the juicy bits and a chunk of time are passed over. I was looking for more interaction between Kate and Logan. My second concern was the was the the ending. It's not a cliff hanger. But it is. What?!?! you ask? I don't want to give anything away, but I'll say major issues seem to
resolve, but you are still left with questions. It was quite short, and that meant there wasn't time for the meatier plots, and building the aroma of characters and mythology. It said witches, but I found it seemed like a different paranormal genre. I for one wanted more information on the families. I felt like there are other characters who stories still need to be told. No spoilers here, but I feel the future or even the past would be extremely interesting to read about.

That said, Logan was delicious. Its added bonus points that my middle son is named Logan, so I have a soft spot for all the Logan's out there. BC's Logan was charming, witty and dreamy. But he is also a bad ass that had to do some serious acting skills around really creepy relatives.

He was an engrossing character that I wanted to spend a LOT more time with. It seemed like he could easily have been one dimensional, but he proved he had a great deal of depth. Kate also, showed complexity. She wouldn't let herself be the victim in any area of her life, despite the crushing blows she was dealt. The banter between them is scrumptious. I love the parking lot scene.

Though I had a couple concerns, I'd still rate this a 4.5 because of the great plot, writing tone, quick emotional grabs and engrossing storyline. This is one quick read you'll want to get your hands on. And best of all, for a limited time it is FREE on Amazon Unlimited and only .99 cents to buy! 

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