Wednesday, August 16, 2017


BETWEEN LIES (The In-Between Series, Book 2)

PUBLISHED: July 31st 2017 by Alison L. Perry Books, LLC

GENRES: Vampires, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, High School, YA - Young Adult, 14+ age


Sadie Criswel is a teenage vampire misfit who can’t do anything right. After flunking out of University, where she couldn’t keep up with her vampire peers, she’s persuaded her parents to let her try human high school, where she hopes to better fit in. 

Now attending Jefferson High, Sadie makes new friends… and foes. To thwart a new set of mean girls, she accidentally ends up running for Homecoming queen. And though she’s still dating Kade, from University, Jefferson’s resident bad boy catches her eye. But her new school adventure raises more questions about her existence. Why does her science teacher look so much like her vampire boyfriend? Why does her previous vampire teacher follow her to Jefferson High? And why does Harper, her new close friend, seem so familiar yet have so many secrets of her own? 

After Pen, a member of the Firsts, reveals important clues about why Sadie is different from other vampires, pieces of the puzzle fall into place. But it’s not until real danger confronts Sadie and Harper that they realize their past and present are tied together, raising the biggest question of all: Who can Sadie trust? 

I was SO excited when I saw Alison was releasing the sequel. I fell in love with book one, Caught In Between. My hands were ITCHING to get ahold of a copy.

My husband laughed at me, I looked like I had just won the Olympic Trials. 

If you haven't read Caught In Between, then stop reading this NOW and go get a copy here: AMAZON (CAUGHT IN BETWEEN) and then come back. 

Now that housekeeping is done, let's get into the fun stuff. Book two starts off with Sadie's first day in human school. It is tough enough to start a new school, but having to deal with unruly fangs... oh, the joy. Then, the "it" girls go after her... in a "good" way at first, then they turn on her very quickly. For those in school, and those of us who survived it, we ALL know THOSE girls. Everything you do, say or imply gets twisted and turned on you. 

Sadie's troubles from her old school prepared her well for dealing with these pests. Her reaction to take them down off their high horses had me waving hands yelling, "preach it, girl!" 

Alison did a wonderful job of weaving the story lines and integrating new twists into the plot. Pen makes a return and drops some serious cliffhanger clues that left Sadie (and me) frustrated and nervous. She was so cryptic.... granted she is a thousands-year-old vampire... but still. Give the girl a break.

I don't want to spoil it, but the information and events that followed left me wondering why Sadie wasn't rocking back and forth in a corner. I would have been. Holy cow.

Sadie showed that she was resilient and thoughtful through those trials. She showed growth, which you all KNOW is a major point in my book. She did meet some new allies that I thought really stole the show. Its really important to have strong secondary characters and I loved Maddie and Harper. Molly was still a major player, even though she wasn't at the same school. Alison showered us with a wide range of characters that was refreshing. Some writers make an ensemble cast sound all alike. Perry let each character shine in their own right.

Cam was a new character that I thought was very intriguing. And let's face it, he sounded yummy. Alison kept us on our toes with him, unveiling new layers and surprises. Kade was another surprise. I didn't know what to make of him by the end of the book, and at several points I wanted to seriously give him a piece of my mind.

Having a novel with so many variables could make for a sloppy mess, but Alison wove it together so well. I really felt Sadie's emotions, the nervousness and shyness that was new, even to her. 

All I will say about the ending is, "noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" It was a MAJOR cliffhanger that had me up the rest of the night thinking about all the ramifications and outcomes. Let's just say I will be in a state of torture until book three comes out. 

This was a faster pace than the first book. Alison took us on a journey through regular adolescent trials, mysterious characters, suspenseful turns and it ended up a fantastic ride. 

I can't wait for book three, and I know if you enjoy contemporary fiction, vampires, or mysteries that you will love this series. Well done, Alison!