I love all YA (Young Adult) and NA (New Adult) fiction along with some adult fiction as well.

Genres/Categories include: FICTION ONLY 

Fantasy • Paranormal • Romance • Urban Fiction/Modern Day • Sci-Fi • Life Issues 
Mystery • Werewolves • Vampires • Historical • Time Travel • Fae • College Life
Shape shifters • Psychological Thrillers • Supernatural • Dystopian • Apocalyptic • Christian

I generally post 3-5 reviews per week along with daily themes.
          Manic Mondays: updating news and events, chapter-by-chapter updates
          Teaser Tuesdays: Any new teasers, official book trailers
          Worldly Wednesdays: romance and urban fiction theme
          Thriller Thursdays: mysteries & psychological thriller books
          Fan Fridays: fan made trailers          
          Supernatural Saturdays: supernatural and paranormal

Please note that my reviews are my opinions of the book and I strive to be honest. I'll talk openly about my reading experience and explain what I thought was good and bad about the book. That said, I try to be as objective as possible (except when I get in FAN GIRL mode and then I get all gushy) and post only constructive comments of the issues I may have with the book. I understand the hard work involved in creating a novel so I strive to be positive about how I phrase my comments. If I feel a book needs so many revisions that it deserves a one rating, I will contact the author or publisher and offer to skip the review or to privately send them a copy of review and not post it.  I may have a one on my rating scale but I rarely use it.   

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I am a member of NetGalley. All reviews also post to those sites as well. I also post reviews to Amazon and Barnes & Noble frequently. Other sites are by request. Please see my CONTACT ME page for links to those pages. Upon request, reviews and review links are sent to the publisher/publicist as well as the author.

Book reviews are posted from books I have received from publishers, authors, have purchased myself, and checked out from the library. I do not receive any form of payment or endorsements for my reviews. Each review posted on MAMA Bookasaurus is based completely on how I felt about the book. If I received a book from a publisher or author it is in exchange for an honest review only.

For a list of previous book review, see me BOOK REVIEWS page.

I am an Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo US and Kobo UK Affiliate.

If you are a reader who wants me to review a book for you then I'd be more than happy to do that for you. If you know of a great YouTube video about a book you love, please send me the link at mama_bookasaurus@comcast.net.

If you are an author I would love to hear from you.  I am more than happy to support blog tours, giveaways, interviews and guest posts in an effort to help you promote your materials. 

Please contact me at mama_bookasaurus@comcast.net to arrange dates and times.

I am happy to accept solicited and unsolicited books whether already published or an advanced reader copy.
If sending a paperback or hardcover version, please ship to:

MAMA Bookasaurus

c/o Jennifer Showalter
5405 Dabneys Mill Ct
Haymarket, VA 20169

If sending an e-book, I have an iPad with the Nook, Kindle, Blue Reader and iBook apps so

I can accept kindle and pdf but prefer epub if possible.  
Please send to mama_bookasaurus@comcast.net.

Once received, all review books are read and reviewed in the order I have received them unless a specific timeline is needed for the review or publicity.  Please let me know if you need a review by a certain date. I am always reading, and in general, get to new books within two-four 
weeks, the review will then go up in the following week.

As I have an ever growing list of requests, I sometimes an unable to accept every request I receive, and I appreciate those who submit their requests for understanding that. I do my best to squeeze in a book as much as possible. 



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